Road Safety


Where Safety and Savings Meet the Road 

Road Safety from ZOLL immediately lowers the risk of EMS crashes by changing driver behavior. With Road Safety you can improve safety, reduce vehicle maintenance costs, and create a culture of safety throughout your emergency response organization.

Improves Safety and Reduces Risk

Vehicle crashes impact the entire community by delaying response times, adversely affecting patient outcomes and damaging your reputation throughout the community.  Road Safety is a proven solution that helps reduce aggressive driving by increasing driver awareness. The system monitors driving performance and provides proactive audible feedback --- resulting in immediate driving improvements. With Road Safety, crews arrive on the scene safely, the patient experience is improved, and the entire community is safer.

  • "87% decrease in preventable crashes and a 50% decrease in our auto insurance premium with Road Safety" – HealthEast Medical Transport
  • "Over 3 million miles with no injury crashes" – LifeCare Ambulance
  • "60% reduction in collisions" – Ambulance New Brunswick

Reduces Costs

With little control over reimbursement rates and rising operating expenses, emergency response organizations have no choice but to reduce costs. Road Safety lowers vehicle maintenance and repair costs by reducing aggressive driving. Brakes, tires, transmissions, and bumpers are repaired and replaced less often when drivers adhere to safety standards. Safe driving improves fuel mileage, insurance rates, and extends vehicle life.

  • "Annual maintenance costs decreased by 41% and $235,000 annual insurance savings" – HealthEast Medical Transport
  • "Over $120,000 annual fleet maintenance savings" – Butler Medical Transport
  • "Cost of claims decreased by 75%" – EMC, LifeCare Ambulance