Know the status of your fleet anytime, anywhere.

@Work is an extension to ZOLL's Dispatch and Road Safety solutions. @Work provides managers a complete overview of their agency’s dispatch system.  From anywhere they can access a browser, at work, at home, or even on an iPad, a supervisor can view a map of their service area and see the locations and status of their entire fleet and any incidents in progress.  They can also view all of their vehicles or open incidents in a list that lets them quickly scan their status, or dig deeper to find out the full story. 

Take a Tour of @Work

When it comes time to QA your calls, there’s no better tool than @Work.  Using the History mode, you can search for any trip and view a map of the entire incident (from the starting point, to the incident location, to the destination). The map will display a breadcrumb view of each collected AVL point for the route the vehicle traveled, overlaid on Google’s suggested route.  You can even determine the vehicle’s speed and direction of travel at each point along the trip.  Within a few moments you’ll know if a response was late because of a missed turn, traffic, or other circumstances!