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ZOLL® AR Consulting

Let Our Experts Help You Optimize Your Billing Efficiency, Productivity, and Processes

Hard-to-detect billing process deficiencies are likely hurting your bottom line and may be inhibiting staff productivity. A significant deviation from industry benchmarks may be an indicator of recurring issues that can lead to self-inflicted claim denials and prevent you from capturing maximum revenue. The ZOLL Data Systems AR Consulting Services team helps RescueNet® Billing, Billing Pro, and ZOLL Billing customers review agency billing processes and pinpoint opportunities to improve performance. You’ll get tailored, actionable recommendations based on industry best practices and KPIs unique to your organization to help you achieve your objectives.

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Deliver More

Billing Performance Throughout Your Workflow

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Leverage Data to Uncover Opportunities and
Correct Course

Our team of AR consultants will conduct behind-the-scenes analysis on your billing practices and data to locate areas of opportunity. We’ll dive deep so that we can assess your billing efficiency, productivity, and processes at multiple levels.

We’ll then show you where — and why — you’re leaving cash on the table and provide an actionable, tailored plan for improvement. Our experts will meet with you on-site to discuss results and coach you through overcoming roadblocks with the goals of driving efficiency, increasing revenue, and improving employee productivity.

Benefits of ZOLL Data Systems AR Consulting Services

  • Maximize staff productivity through efficient workflows 
  • Capitalize on the full capabilities of your billing solution 
  • Take prescribed action to bring KPIs in line with industry standards 
  • Capture more revenue by addressing process issues 

Get Actionable Performance Improvement Plans Based on Your Agency Objectives

When you engage our AR consulting team, we’ll provide detailed recommendations for optimizing your workflows and bringing agency billing performance in line with industry KPIs. Consultation engagements are customized for your needs and typically include:

  • A second look at your denials to identify improvement opportunities in your claims processes
  • An on-site review and billing automation consultation to streamline financial workflows
  • 90-day AR analysis to whether payer payment patterns are symptomatic of weak front-end processes or a combination of issues
  • Optimized administration configurations for maximum solution performance
  • Payer mix analysis to address controllable factors, like front-end billing procedures, that could be inhibiting workflows
  • Data-driven productivity guidelines to help determine appropriate staffing needs, improve cash flow, and inform professional development opportunities
  • Billing lag analysis to measure agency effectiveness in trip reconciliation, staff productivity, and process effectiveness

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