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2018 EMS Mobile App Round-up

Kelli Turner | Dec 27, 2018

It’s that time of year again when I sleuth around the internet and comb through user-reviews to compile the most useful smartphone apps for fire and EMS in an effort to keep you up to speed on the latest tools out there. So without further adieu, here are the most notable apps for 2018 (in no particular order):


pulsepoint logoPulsePoint Respond – Help is on the Way

PulsePoint empowers individuals, within covered communities, with the ability to provide life-saving assistance to victims of cardiac arrest. How cool is that?! Application users who have indicated they are trained in CPR are notified if someone nearby is having a cardiac emergency and may require CPR.

If the medical emergency is in a public place, PulsePoint uses sophisticated location-based services to alert trained citizens who are in the immediate vicinity that someone is in need of CPR, empowering them to go save a life. In addition, the application also directs these citizen-rescuers to the exact location of the closest public access Automated External Defibrillator (AED).

pulsepoint review

pulsepoint demo



zoll respond logoZOLL Respond – Smart Dispatch on Your Smart Device

ZOLL Respond is for RescueNet Dispatch customers. It allows crews to view and respond to trips through Google map navigation to the pick-up and drop-off points throughout your trip using any Android or iOS mobile device. ZOLL Respond allows you to cut out unnecessary phone calls with live chat features and live stream video communication and directly connect field crews to doctors at medical facilities.

ZOLL Respond simplifies the dispatch process:

  • Gives dispatch, your crew, and the facility robust communication options (such as chat and push to talk)
  • Provides modernized mapping (such as online/offline for times when there is a loss of cellular connectivity)
  • Allows supervisors to know where vehicles are located

New app. Be among the first to review it.

ZOLL respond demo



pulsara logoPulsara – Connecting Teams App to Watch!

Built with the power of mobile technology, Pulsara unites the right clinicians at the right time for the right patient—providing transparency and streamlined communication when time is essential. Just create a dedicated patient channel, build your custom team, and communicate. It’s that simple.

Now, you can notify the hospital of that incoming STEMI activation or routine medical call - every case type, every time. Not only that, but they are giving their Prehospital Package to EMS providers for free. How’s that for Happy Holidays!

pulsara review


pulsara demo



kardia mobile logoKardiaMobile – EKG Monitor App to Watch!

Kardia captures a medical-grade EKG in 30 seconds anywhere, anytime. This means you instantly know if your heart rhythm is normal or if atrial fibrillation is detected, and especially if the latter is true, you can email your EKG to yourself or your doctor.

This app may be better suited for civilians but it is certainly worth knowing about, and definitely worth talking about! My dad, who is in and out of AFib regularly, will be getting one for Christmas.

kardia mobile review

kardia mobile demo



firesync logoFireSync - Shift Calendar

FireSync isn’t just a Shift Calendar app, it’s also a full-featured calendar, and better yet, one that fully integrates with any / all of your device’s calendars. FireSync supports any 24-hour shift schedule that repeats on a cycle. It also supports Kelly and Debit days. You also have the ability to add and track ordinary events, trades, overtime, comp time, benefit days, incidents and training. Scheduling made easy!

firesync review-1


firesync demo



zoll fire dept checklist logoZOLL Equipment Checklist for Fire Departments

The power of a good checklist is undebatable, just ask Atul Gawande. Using ZOLL Equipment Checklist, it’s a breeze to document regular vehicle and equipment checks. Designed specifically for Fire and EMS, this checklist helps you efficiently schedule and track regular vehicle and equipment checks on your IOS device.

firesync review-1

zoll fire dept checklist demo


Know of any good apps for EMS? Better yet, do you use an app regularly that you want to tell me about? Let me know, I would love to hear and share stories on technology that makes your job easier.
Email: kturner@zoll.com 

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