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About the Author:

Amanda Stark

Amanda Stark is a senior attorney at Page, Wolfberg & Wirth, LLC, the national EMS industry law firm. Her work for PWW includes representing EMS agencies and billing companies across the country on reimbursement and compliance issues. She is a speaker on all things compliance, the main instructor for NAAC’s Certified Ambulance Compliance Officer course and one of the authors of the Ambulance Compliance Program Tool Kit. Amanda is passionate about policies and enjoys helping clients implement and improve their compliance programs. In addition to her work with PWW, Amanda also serves as the Executive Director of NAAC and PWW Media, Inc.

Recent Posts by Amanda Stark

Amanda Stark | Oct 16, 2019

How Using Dispatch Protocols Can Avoid Revenue Loss and Compliance Risk

(4 min read) Dispatch is an area that seems to generate a lot of misunderstandings and confusion, especially as it relates to Medicare ...

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Amanda Stark | Oct 9, 2019

Using Audit Results and Your Data to Improve Compliance

Audits sometimes get the reputation of being a bad thing or a dirty word.  But an audit, whether you’re doing it yourself, hiring ...

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