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Cory Oaks

Cory has been involved in EMS for the past 30 years, from volunteer firefighter EMT to career paramedic fire captain and flight paramedic. Retiring from Provo Fire and Rescue in 2017 he continues in the 15th year of his air medical career as educator and flight medic with Classic Air Medical. He has been an instructor with Primary Children’s Medical Center and EMS for childrens programs and sat on and chaired many Utah EMS committees. He was the International Association of Flight and Critical Care Paramedics 2018 Tim Hynes award recipient and was recently elected to the board of directors.

Recent Posts by Cory Oaks

Cory Oaks | Jun 24, 2019

Can CISD Heal a Culture?

(5 min read) There is no debating the fact that responder PTSD and suicide has become an epidemic. It seems we cannot visit any of the ...

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