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Daniel Pedersen

Daniel Pedersen
Daniel Pedersen is a Managing Partner with the nationally recognized law firm of Page, Wolfberg & Wirth, LLC, where he has practiced law since 2004. The firm represents ambulance services, municipalities, fire departments, hospitals, and other organizations in a wide range of medical transportation issues. Daniel concentrates his legal practice in the areas of compliance, Medicare audits and reimbursement, HIPAA, and federal and state regulatory issues that affect ambulance services, including the false claims act and anti-kickback statute. Daniel spends much of his time performing compliance and claim reviews, including on-site visits and training sessions, and handling Medicare appeals on behalf of clients around the country.

Recent Posts

Being Paid vs. Being Paid Correctly: The Difference Can Be Costly

Daniel Pedersen | Feb 5, 2020
(4 min read) It’s no secret that being paid for the service you provide is the goal for most ambulance systems. After all, reimbursement is...
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Achieving Revenue (Tri)Cycle; Not (Uni)Cycle

Daniel Pedersen | Nov 6, 2019
(3 min read) When people hear the phrase “revenue cycle,” words like "billing," "collections," and "payment" typically come to mind. While...
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