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John Tobin

For 20 years, Captain John Tobin has been a firefighter/paramedic with the Mesa Fire/Medical Department. He has been involved in EMS education his entire career. He has held a variety of positions to include EMS Captain, Alarm Room Captain, Battalion Safety Officer and Project Leader. He has worked as a paramedic in the field, ambulance and hospital settings. John is also a Lead Educator for two programs with the University of Arizona. The EPIC Project, which is a statewide initiative to implement the Brain Trauma Foundation’s recommendations for traumatic brain injury care and CPR University, which educates organizations from all over the world how to implement systems of high-performance CPR. In his spare time, he teaches CPR Rock Concerts to high schools and is a Registered Yoga Instructor. John has the privilege to present on a variety of EMS topics at conferences all over the world.

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John Tobin | Feb 13, 2018

CPR University: Hands-On Course is Designed to Improve Survival from Cardiac Arrest

High-performance or high-quality CPR has been around for years now, but do we as EMS professionals understand what it takes to achieve and ...

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John Tobin | Feb 7, 2017

Data Says: Switch Out Compressors to Optimize CPR Results

When performing high-quality CPR, one of the most important factors is compressor fatigue. When I started in EMS, the person with the most ...

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How Your EKG Monitor Can Help Improve Outcomes in TBI Patients

Craziness you say – EKG monitors are ...

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