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Juli Duffer

Juli Duffer is the Director of User Experience Design for ZOLL, focusing on the end-to-end customer experience for the SaaS portfolio of EMS products. Formerly Director of Product & UX at a national online grocer delivering organic produce and a curated selection of local and sustainable groceries, Juli managed a cross-functional Agile team of UX designers, web developers and product managers to produce delightful e-commerce experiences for their customers. Juli's background includes a variety of UX disciplines ranging from interaction design and front-end development to content strategy, user testing and information architecture. She taught web design at the community college for seven years and uses her passion for teaching and mentoring to educate people about the value of UX.

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Juli Duffer | Apr 5, 2018

What do Disney & EMS Software Have in Common? User Experience

Walt Disney was an early pioneer of what we now call user experience (UX). In 1966, he described his vision for what would be Walt Disney ...

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