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Larry Malloy

Larry Malloy
Larry is a respected and driven product & marketing leader with the ability to craft strategic vision, define effective requirements, lead diverse teams through successful product releases and execute viable go-to-market strategies. Exceptional at driving strategy to grow revenues, maintain margins and create a competitive edge. Additional strengths include excellent communication and presentation skills, strong analytical capabilities, superior interpersonal skills, creativity, team building and mentoring. Extensive work in Agile / SCRUM development environments.

Recent Posts

ZOLL Online Helps Smaller Fire & EMS Organizations Improve Efficiency

Larry Malloy | Aug 2, 2013
The needs of smaller fire departments and EMS agencies are often overlooked by technology companies. Software may improve efficiencies and...
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Tackling Hospital Readmissions, How is EMS Positioned?

Larry Malloy | Jul 12, 2013
As I attend conferences across the country, I often hear those in the emergency services industry talk about how they are “positioned” to...
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ZOLL Online – High Performance In A Secure Environment

Larry Malloy | May 3, 2013
We understand it’s not easy for an organization to give up some control of their systems and processes, especially when it comes to data...
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Community Outreach: A Call to Action for Emergency Medical Management

Larry Malloy | Feb 8, 2013
The movie “Dead Poets Society” was released in 1989. That was 24 years ago, and I can still remember those words. “Carpe diem…seize the...
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Security, HIPAA & HITECH Compliance

Larry Malloy | Nov 28, 2012
If you are dealing with patient health information, security and compliance concerns may keep you awake at night. Basic data security and...
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