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Sean Kukauskas

Sean Kukauskas
Sean Kukauskas is the Director of Ambulance Services and Emergency Management for the Spaulding Rehabilitation Network beginning his career in EMS in 1992. Over the course of career, he has held many positions in the EMS field including Training Officer, EMS Coordinator and Prehospital CQI Coordinator. Since joining Spaulding as the Director in 2011 Sean has implemented numerous system wide improvements. In 2015, he was the recipient of the John V. Woodard Unsung Hero Leadership Award.

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A beginner’s guide to using EMS data to measure performance

Sean Kukauskas | Feb 12, 2019
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Why Does Performance Matter in EMS?

Sean Kukauskas | Apr 26, 2018
If you have spent any time in EMS, chances are you have probably had a dispatcher (or two) say something along the lines of “whatever you...
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7 Essential Elements for a High-Quality Patient Care Report

Sean Kukauskas | Oct 24, 2017
More so today than in the past, the need for healthcare professionals to write and maintain accurate, high-quality and detailed...
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Top 5 Unexpected Benefits of EMS Software Integration

Sean Kukauskas | Aug 10, 2017
Like it or not, technology has made its way into the world of EMS, and it’s here to stay. Software solutions such as computer assisted...
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