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Meet the New ZOLL Dispatch and ZOLL Respond CAD Solution

ZOLL Data Systems | Dec 14, 2023

When seconds count, it’s imperative that call takers and dispatchers have the right tools in place to get the optimal level of care out to patients. Pen and paper and other manual efforts create a plethora of challenges to aligning response with transport needs. Getting the appropriate units out and positioning them correctly, risks of delays, and other issues continue to effect patient safety outcomes. Luckily, there is a simpler, streamlined solution through ZOLL® Dispatch, ZOLL Data Systems’ new computer-aided dispatch (CAD) offering. 

In our on-demand webinar introducing viewers to the fully cloud-based ZOLL Dispatch and its mobile companion app ZOLL Respond, Eric Ennis, ZOLL Data Systems Sales Engineer, will walk through the unique features and benefits of this intelligent CAD product. Built from the ground up with common technological and operational challenges in mind for dispatch, viewers will be able to learn about: 

  • A user-centric design and cloud-based infrastructure that presents a single view of all information needed to utilize resources efficiently and cost-effectively 
  • A map-centric view that provides spatial awareness of the entire fleet 
  • Real-time situational analysis capabilities that automatically communicate response assignments to appropriate units, minimizing delays and helping deliver more quality outcomes 
  • Seamless integration with our ePCR solutions ZOLL emsCharts® and ZOLL Billing for greater efficiency and superior data integrity 
  • On-demand reporting that provides transport metrics and analytics 

To learn more, watch the webinar, “Respond Quickly and Communicate Effectively With Intelligent CAD,” for an on-demand tour of ZOLL Dispatch and Respond that demonstrates how to streamline management of dispatching, routing, fleet tracking, and crew communications. 

Read More About ZOLL Dispatch and ZOLL Respond:

News Alert: Cloud-based, Integrated CAD Solution Helps EMS Dispatchers Respond Faster and Make Data-driven Decisions 

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