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Paving the Way for Personalized Customer Service

Lindsay Alexander | Jun 1, 2017

Susan Delsandro began her career as a driver, and is now the director of customer care billing and compliance for On Time Transport after 23 years with the company. Delsandro meets with the billing department on a regular basis to study metrics and implement improvement processes. Her leadership has helped the department reduce its days sales outstanding (DSO) from 65 days to under 40 days, and increase the 365-day collection percentage to more than 98 percent in just over a year’s time. Because of this leadership in helping her organization achieve such outstanding milestones, Delsandro is a recipient of the ZOLL EMS Pulse Awards.

Her Story

New Jersey was one of the first states in which Medicare chose to implement the Prior Authorization program; and Delsandro’s role in transitioning On Time Transport through this process was instrumental. While many companies floundered under the new regulations, she was ahead of the game, providing a relatively seamless transition to this new, challenging system. She developed a comprehensive compliance program, which On Time uses to train employees and staff as well as to educate customers, including traveling to different locations in order to reach nurses, case workers, administrators and others concerning compliance. Medicare itself has even recognized her mastery of the process, referring companies to her when they have questions regarding the program.

Not only has Delsandro created a more efficient billing model, she’s added a personal touch to customer service.

Not only has Delsandro created a more efficient billing model, she’s added a personal touch to customer service. She uses tools in RescueNet Dispatch and Reporting to identify new customers, especially private or residential. She then takes the time to hand write thank you cards to customers that decide to use On Time’s services for medical transport. She also places thank you calls to nurses, case managers or anyone else in charge of patient transport. On Time has seen these small gestures turn into a lot of repetitive business because customers, on top of good service, appreciate Delsandro and her efforts to connect with them.

About EMS Pulse Awards

To coincide with National EMS Week, ZOLL created the EMS Pulse Awards. The awards recognize professionals who are the pulse of their EMS organization, working behind the scenes of prehospital care and empowering their organization to provide better care and ultimately enable their teams to save more lives within their communities. Winners were selected based on the information you provided in their nominations, which was also used in their story above. This year’s winners were recognized at our yearly user conference, SUMMIT. Congratulations to all of our winners who are successfully streamlining the business side of EMS! Interested in nominating a coworker for their achievements on the business side of EMS? Nominations will open again in Spring 2018.

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