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EMS1 CAPCE Courses Sponsored by ZOLL

As part of an initiative, Train EMS Crews Today, Save Lives Tomorrow, ZOLL is sponsoring the following courses to help EMS providers mitigate risks associated with operating emergency vehicles as well as building a culture of safety.

Leading a Safe and High-performing Ambulance Team

This course is designed to enhance you and your organization’s efforts in developing an ambulance team that is safe, effective, and successful. Understanding the risks and costs of hiring unsafe drivers, as well as the necessities for creating a solid leadership team and culture of safety will allow you to successfully build a strong foundation for your organization for years to come.

Online course: 1hr 30m Full Length Course

Lights and Sirens: Deadly Epidemic

This course is designed to enhance your ability to identify the importance of proper training for your role. You will discover the deadly epidemic of lights and sirens abuse and how EMS organizations can employ various strategies for gaining and maintaining a safety culture as well as the public trust.

Online course: 1hr Full Length Course

Ambulance Safety Design

This course is designed to inform learners about historical as well as modern designs for ambulance vehicles throughout the world. With a primary goal of safety, organizations across nations have developed stringent guidelines that evaluate human and other risk factors so that the future of ambulances will be able to amend flaws and encourage the safety of both practitioners and patients.

Online course: 1hr Full Length Course

Culture of Ambulance Safety

This course is designed to enhance your ability to identify the importance of implementing safety behaviors within an ambulance organization and making permanent changes that encourage a foundation of safety.

Online course: 1hr Full Length Course

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