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Cloud-Based ePCR

Tired of incomplete patient care records (PCRs) and a lack of customization options for your patient charting interface? Get the patient and incident information required by the state and your EMS organization with minimal hassle through our integrated and cloud-based ePCR software. ZOLL’s technology was designed by medics, EMTs, and firefighters and will simplify the way you document care for patient encounters.


Common Problems EMS Patient Charting

Accurate and complete documentation is essential to your agency’s billing operations and compliance with state requirements.

  • Incomplete patient care records: Medics sometimes struggle to complete a PCR because their documentation system is not intuitive, which causes them to skip fields or enter data that isn’t entirely accurate just to get through the record. When a system is not customized to meet the agency’s needs, it makes it more difficult for users to provide an accurate record of the patient’s care.

  • Inability to bill for services: Incomplete or inaccurate PCR data can affect the ability to bill for services.

  • Time to complete documentation: Medics spend a significant portion of their day documenting care. Systems that aren’t optimized and customized for the agency result in more time spent on PCR documentation.

Missing data in the PCR can negatively affect billing. Sometimes, payers will refuse coverage if there is inadequate documentation, leaving patients liable for the bill and agencies unpaid in many cases. The ZOLL emsCharts cloud-based patient charting solution offers a customizable user interface to reduce the time medics spend on patient care reports. It highlights missing or incomplete data in context so that users can supply the appropriate data that an agency needs to ensure accurate and complete documentation. Customized workflows ensure that PCRs are reviewed for quality and are automatically distributed to partners and billing associates.



What Makes ZOLL emsCharts Patient Charting Solution Different?

Designed With EMS Staff in Mind

EMS patient charting programs can be tough to navigate and aren’t always designed with the user in mind. ZOLL emsCharts electronic patient care reporting solution, on the other hand, is a practical system that was built by industry professionals for emergency medical personnel. System administrators can customize system workflows in a way that’s easiest for their staff to collect data, and then they can easily generate customized reports to quickly understand and manage the trends happening in their business.

Allows for Full Customization

Don’t settle for software that was designed for every EMS agency in the industry. 

ZOLL emsCharts lets you customize patient charting to meet your unique needs. You can hide fields you don’t use, prioritize the most important fields by making them required, and edit your list options.

Helps Reduce Documentation Time

The customizable interface of this EMS ePCR software improves the quality of your documentation by providing tools to reduce the risk of error and by shortening documentation time. CAD and EKG data can be imported to fill in information that has already been collected. After you’ve optimized the workflow of the data collection system, PCRs can be completed in as little as 5 to 10 minutes. This rapid turnaround time keeps your team focused on patient care while providing the other medicals in your network with convenient access to the patient record.

Share Data With Your Network Through Care Exchange

Our charting product is configurable with ZOLL Care Exchange (Health Information Exchange) technology, which allows for easy, real-time patient data sharing between the EMS staff and the hospital’s patient care team. This seamless communication allows the hospital to access the PCR directly from their electronic health record, and your agency can access the hospital’s treatment details, outcomes, and billing information when the patient is discharged. This data not only equips your agency to bill and collect more efficiently, but it also ensures better patient care by analyzing trends and outcomes related to the pre-hospital treatment provided. Care Exchange meets all compliance standards required by HIPAA and HITECH.

 Works Across Devices

ZOLL emsCharts software was made to be highly convenient. It can be used on Windows, Android, and iOS and on any device, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. There’s no need to buy new technology or configure a different version of the program on your other devices; all of your patient information is always accessible from any browser on the cloud. Storing patient records in the cloud keeps them secure and easy to access. The Tablet and Mobile charting products let your team document patient care from anywhere and then sync data seamlessly to the cloud when your connection is available. 


What Are the Features of ZOLL emsCharts?


  • Robust administration: Easily configure the system to manage administrative tasks and meet your needs, not the other way around. You can customize it as much or as little as you want to.
  • Customizable QA review: Configure the system to route completed PCRs based on your rules to efficiently manage quality assurance for your agency. Establish a flow for QA that best fits your organization.

Involvement of the Right Personnel

  • Involve the right people: Grant access to your medical director during the QA process.
  • Filtering: Set up filters that route PCR reviews to the right people and skip those that might be more routine.

Automatic PCR Updates and Delivery

  • Multi-party PCR share: Automatically send completed PCRs to the patient's destination hospital, third-party billing vendors, and the state all at the same time.
  • Fire report auto-completion: Fields you complete in the PCR will translate automatically to the fire report and vice-versa. For simpler incidents, you can also have a completed fire report by the time you are done with your PCR.

Thorough Data Collection and Reporting

  • List management: Manage and edit lists so field crews can easily document information that matters to your organization.
  • Data validation rules: Ensure that mandatory fields are completed before medics can close a PCR. This ensures that the right information is collected so that billers have all the information they need to process claims.
  • Special reports: Does your organization want to capture reportable information that relates to the patient record but isn’t necessarily a part of the patient record itself? ZOLL emsCharts allows you to create a custom report that medics must complete when they encounter a difficult airway. You can also record instances of vehicle damage or equipment malfunction.
  • Signatures: Collect and attach electronic signatures to the PCR based on your agency’s needs and procedures.
  • Dynamic feedback: Rather than waiting until the end, crews will be immediately informed when they have typed something incorrectly or missed a field while they are completing the PCR.

Transform the Way Your Crew Works

Our cloud-based electronic patient care reporting software solution will help ensure better compliance with state requirements and billing needs. Create rules-based PCR reviews to make sure your team is focused on managing the issues that matter to you. Automate the distribution of your PCRs so that your information is shared instantly and effortlessly.



NEMSIS Compliant

Meet data management requirements and send data to your state automatically. The current version of ZOLL emsCharts is available to organizations in states accepting the latest NEMSIS 3.4 standard data. ZOLL emsCharts also works with multiple versions of NEMSIS simultaneously, so if your organization works in several states, rest assured that ZOLL emsCharts can handle different versions of NEMSIS to ensure compliance. 

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