RescueNet ePCR


Data-Driven, Compliant, Customizable

ZOLL's flagship ePCR solution redefines how medics collect patient care information, making it quick, easy, accurate and complete.  With “future-proof” compliance and a fully integrated suite of products, ZOLL is your trusted data partner.

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Data Driven 

ZOLL understands complexities of data and ensures that ePCR data is complete, secure, and provides the insight needed to effectively run your business.  With ZOLL ePCR you are guided through the proper data collection process – by letting medics know what data they need to capture before a report can be closed. This ensures your staff, Medical Director, and state data managers have everything they need to do their jobs successfully.

Compliance Now and in the Future

ZOLL is dedicated to ensuring that our products meet and exceed industry compliance standards and supports best practices in data management. ZOLL ePCR solutions comply with the latest health care industry requirements – such as NEMSIS, 510K, ICD-10 and HL7. 

Customize it to Meet Your Business Needs   

One of the key differences between ZOLL ePCR solutions and other ePCRs on the market is the ability to customize and configure the software to view and collect the data that is important to your organization – all without costly programming.  Configure your system to guarantee that all the necessary information is collected to ensure an accurate and timely billing process.