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Build Dynamic Patient Care Records that Tell a Complete Story

When minutes matter, patients – not clinical charting – are the priority. Yet a complete ePCR records life-saving interventions and establishes the framework for the best possible outcomes across the continuum of care. ZOLL emsCharts guides medics through the patient information to collect at the scene and integrates with your CAD, Billing, and ZOLL Care Exchange products to import essential health, demographic, and insurance data from across your healthcare ecosystem.* Once time-consuming data entry is reduced to minutes, enabling crews to deliver more quality care to patients and to produce a more accurate, complete ePCR that informs every step of the patient’s care, from clinical decisions to billing.


Deliver More.

ZOLL DATA empowers your organization to deliver everything from better customer documentation to deeper insurance discovery.


Accuracy, Speed, and System-wide Integration

Manual documentation is time-consuming and sometimes impractical in the field, and incomplete ePCRs put patients at risk and cause compliance and billing headaches later. ZOLL emsCharts is a proven, cloud-based charting platform purpose-built to deliver unmatched ease-of-use, fidelity, and data confidence. Records integrate with operational systems, such as dispatch and billing, to eliminate redundant data capture and create error-free, streamlined workflows. ZOLL emsCharts also automatically imports and associates patient vitals and waveforms directly from the most commonly deployed medical devices, giving clinicians and QA/QI teams one-stop access to a complete patient care story.

What are the benefits of RescueNet ePCR Work?

  • Optimized for touch-screen tablets
  • Spell-check with a medical dictionary to help ensure professional reports
  • Easily tab from field-to-field when using keyboard-based input
  • Create editable, automated narratives
  • Logical flow to allow you to collect data in the same process that you provide care
  • Collect signatures electronically
  • QuickLog allows fast time-stamping of common procedures.
  • Complete, validated data maximizes billing reimbursement
  • Rules to let medics know what data is missing to complete the report.
  • Provide hospitals with completed run reports
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Interoperability with other healthcare providers and technologies is a key enabler for care coordination, which leads to better clinical outcomes, as well as improved patient experiences. ZOLL emsCharts is built for HL7 healthcare information exchange (HIE), enabling bi-directional data transfer between technologies and healthcare providers.


Simplify Data Input

With RescueNet ePCR, you are guided through the proper data collection process – by letting medics know what data they need to capture before a report can be closed.


Change the way your Crews Document

Completing PCRs can be time-consuming and repetitive, particularly if a call gets cancelled. But with ZOLL’s ePCR solution, that includes powerful workflow and Quick Fill management tools, you can help ensure better compliance. Create rules-based PCR reviews to make sure your team is focused on managing the issues that matter to you. Remove repetitive actions for the same types of calls to drastically reduce the time to complete a PCR. You can also automate the distribution of your PCRs so that your information is shared instantly and effortlessly.

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