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Mike McKevitt

Mike McKevitt
Mike McKevitt is Director of Product Management for ZOLL's Road Safety and Fleet products.

Recent Posts

How IoT Connects Ambulances & Improves Safety

Mike McKevitt | Jun 21, 2018
You’ve likely heard of the Internet of Things, or its acronym IoT (eye – oh – tee). You might even be an expert on the topic, with all of...
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Survey Says: Traditional Safety Training Methods Don’t Change Driver Behavior

Mike McKevitt | Nov 9, 2017
Driver safety is an important topic for any fleet organization, including EMS and Fire. A driver who puts safety as a top priority while...
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When it Comes to Road Safety, a Map May be Worth More Than a Thousand Words

Mike McKevitt | Aug 29, 2017
Crunching data to find the nugget of information you need to make a decision can be challenging, especially if the data set you are looking...
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Numbers Don’t Lie. Road Safety Drastically Changes Driver Behavior, Reduces Operational Costs

Mike McKevitt | May 4, 2017
Vehicle crashes impact the entire community. Response times may be delayed. Patient outcomes may be affected. And your reputation in your...
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