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About the Author:

Nick Sortin

Nick Sortin has been working as a Territory Manager & Field Sales Trainer at ZOLL Data for over 6 years. Supporting and recruiting new ZOLL customers in Texas and Louisiana, Nick makes it his number one priority to ensure he plays a role in helping to make the important work EMS professionals do easier, enabling them to provide better patient care. In his line of work, he forms partnerships with Fire, EMS and Hospitals, matching ZOLL’s technical solutions with existing business problems in order to improve operational efficiencies and increase positive patient outcomes. Over the course of his career with ZOLL, Nick has become a subject matter expert in healthcare, pre-hospital software systems, EMS billing, emergency dispatch, patient care reporting, mobile integrated care and interoperability.

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(5 min read) What if I were to tell you there is a pill you can prescribe to prevent death related to sudden ...

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