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Building an Efficient, Yet Lean EMS System

Lindsay Alexander | May 17, 2017

Through dedication, perseverance and expert patience, Alexander Lewinsky, operations manager for JFK EMS, has been instrumental in growing their business by more than 100 percent in the past five years. He helped expand into the BLS and specialty care transport unit (SCTU) service lines, and established a median response time of 4 minutes and 30 seconds in New Jersey’s fifth largest municipality using the tools from the ZOLL suite of software. Because of his tireless efforts to improve the agency’s systems, and clear success in doing so, Lewinsky is an EMS Pulse Award recipient.

His Story

JFK EMS began its ZOLL Journey in early 2015. In an effort to streamline all data, operations and clinical initiatives, they decided to become a fully ZOLL-integrated EMS department. From AED Pros for BLS and X series monitorsfor ALS to RescueNet CAD, ePCR, Insight Analytics, resource planner in our control center and hospital, the sheer intensity of rollouts and revisions that took place from 2015-2017 was staggering. The agency was with a hosted environment for a period of time, which didn’t work out well and created many unacceptable lags in their system, resulting in the decision to migrate to in-house servers. Throughout the process, Lewinsky never gave up and continued to show his dedication in seeing the integration through to completion.

By building a command and control center that uses predictive modelling, dynamic deployment and temporary analysis with ZOLL software, he created an efficient, yet lean EMS system.

By building a command and control center that uses predictive modelling, dynamic deployment, and temporary analysis with ZOLL software, he created an efficient, yet lean EMS system capable of ALS, BLS and SCT response, and allowed the agency to bid on EMS contracts based on performance rather than a flat, static, guaranteed number of trucks. He also worked to create an innovative system in which the volunteer system in our area can “plug and play” within our system, maintaining their autonomy while meeting the same professional standards to which our organization holds itself. This has led to increased staff satisfaction and a closer relationship with the Edison community while safeguarding safety, quality and efficiency.

About EMS Pulse Awards

To coincide with National EMS Week, ZOLL created the EMS Pulse Awards. The awards recognize professionals who are the pulse of their EMS organization, working behind the scenes of prehospital care and empowering their organization to provide better care and ultimately enable their teams to save more lives within their communities. Winners were selected based on the information you provided in their nominations, which was also used in their story above. This year’s winners were recognized at our yearly user conference, SUMMIT. Congratulations to all of our winners who are successfully streamlining the business side of EMS! Interested in nominating a coworker for their achievements on the business side of EMS? Nominations will open again in Spring 2018. 

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