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Lindsay Alexander | May 9, 2018

Custom Software Application Streamlines Pre-Billing Process

Paramedic Ed Wilson, Clinical Technical Coordinator for Pinellas County EMS Authority – Sunstar Paramedics, manages the agency’s ePCR system, and is the first contact for any crew member who’s having issues with the ePCR. This system processes more than 400,000 ePCR records every year for Sunstar and all the Pinellas County (Florida) fire agencies. Along with this responsibility, he also assists the billing office with technical support as it relates to the ePCR. Ed took it upon himself to develop an application to compare field data against CAD data in order to streamline the pre-billing process for the agency’s billers. For his accomplishments, Ed is a ZOLL Pulse Award winner in 2018. Here’s why:


Automation Leads to More Efficient Pre-Billing

With the application, common problems are recognized and automatically alerted to the billers. Checks to compare CAD vs PCR data are now automated. Additionally, the application automated common action required multiple repeated steps in the graphical interface (GUI).

With Ed’s help the billing department has been able to keep up with the increasing call volume without adding to the headcount of the department. It’s also reduced errors caused by the billers from miss keying fields. These automated processes ultimately made Sunstar Paramedics’ pre-billing more efficient.


In His Own Words: Using Technology to Enhance Patient Care

“I love playing at the crossroads of patient care and technology because it is such a rich intersection… rich in terms of making us not only more efficient operationally, but also rich in in terms of supporting providers in the main mission… taking great care of patients.”

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