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Seeking Out the Newest Software to Increase Crew Efficiency

Lindsay Alexander | May 29, 2018

Greg Ortman and Jason Burbrink with Miami (Ohio) Township Fire and EMS carefully analyze data on a monthly basis to determine the success rates of various equipment and procedures. As a team, they use this data to strategically select the most efficient methods and equipment for patient care and place them in more accessible positions, resulting in quicker deployment of tools and higher success rates for critical and advanced procedures. Greg and Jason are ZOLL Pulse Award winners. Here’s why:


Helping to Fine-Tune the Latest Software Technology

Throughout the past year this duo has devoted themselves to helping the development team at ZOLL to fine tune the newest addition to their software arsenal, ZOLL ePCR. They have taken the time to carefully plan how the software would best serve the community of Miami Township, and are the first to implement the cloud-based ePCR software for daily usage. The new platform has reduced in-service time by 15 minutes and cut down on at-hospital time for medics from an hour to 10 to 15 minutes.


In their Own Words: Streamlining the QA/QI Process to Improve Outcomes

“As a smaller publicly funded provider of EMS, we rely on local tax support. The efficiency of ZOLL software has streamlined our QA/QI process, which allows a faster transition to reimbursement billing for transports. Additionally, instant and easy online access to EMS data gives our department the ability to make changes to medical protocols that have a direct, positive impact on patient care.”

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