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Train Your New Gal (and Old Guy) on Documentation
(5 Min Read) Let's face it, a one hour of discussion about threatening lawsuits or a courtroom credibility shredding during someone's...
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Brittany Frater | Sep 25, 2019
EMS and Fire: Unique Challenges and Solutions
How Chris Davison of Tucson Fire tackles challenges and optimizes for efficiency (6 min read) Chris Davison has been the Ambulance...
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Chad Hurka | Jul 5, 2019
NFORS: Using Technology to Document Firefighter Exposure to Carcinogens and IDLH Conditions
(4 min read) Firefighters’ concerns have changed rapidly over the past decade. We have always been focused on our personal readiness and...
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Cory Oaks | Jun 24, 2019
Can CISD Heal a Culture?
(5 min read) There is no debating the fact that responder PTSD and suicide has become an epidemic. It seems we cannot visit any of the...
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Brittany Frater | Jun 18, 2019
Using ZOLL X-series, Case Review and Sidewalk CPR to double ROSC rates
(5 min read) After attending King County Resuscitation Academy, Cosumnes Fire started to use the data provided by the ZOLL X series and...
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Brittany Frater | May 17, 2019
ZOLL Pulse Awards 2019: Celebrating our Exceptional EMS Practitioners
Another successful SUMMIT on the books! As we reflect on the events of the last week, once again the team at ZOLL would like to...
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Dr. Joseph Sabato | Mar 5, 2019
Prescription CPR
ZOLL SUMMIT Speaker Series Advanced Cardiac Life Support was first published by the American Heart Association in 1974. Despite 45 years...
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Kelli Turner | Dec 11, 2018
ZOLL SUMMIT Keynote Speaker Series: Behind the Scenes with Jan Rader
ZOLL SUMMIT Keynote Speaker Series: Behind the Scenes with Jan Rader “Fire chief Jan Rader has spent her career running toward fires and...
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Kelli Turner | Oct 30, 2018
6 Reasons You Can’t Miss SUMMIT 2019
ZOLL SUMMIT is ZOLL’s largest educational event of the year that brings together hundreds of EMS and fire professionals from all over...
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Clay Fenwick | Nov 21, 2017
Company Officers: Fire’s First Line of Safety in the Field
Most paid Fire and EMS departments or organizations have a dynamic on their fire apparatus that isn’t included on their ambulances. No,...
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