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Daniel Pedersen | Nov 6, 2019
Achieving Revenue (Tri)Cycle; Not (Uni)Cycle
(3 min read) When people hear the phrase “revenue cycle,” words like "billing," "collections," and "payment" typically come to mind....
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Amanda Stark | Oct 16, 2019
How Using Dispatch Protocols Can Avoid Revenue Loss and Compliance Risk
(4 min read) Dispatch is an area that seems to generate a lot of misunderstandings and confusion, especially as it relates to Medicare...
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Amanda Stark | Oct 9, 2019
Using Audit Results and Your Data to Improve Compliance
Audits sometimes get the reputation of being a bad thing or a dirty word.  But an audit, whether you’re doing it yourself, hiring...
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Darlene Forney | Jan 4, 2019
EMS Dispatch Data: Why measure it and how to do it better in 2019
(4 minute read) Earlier this year, ZOLL hosted a webinar on Operationalizing Data. After the webinar, we asked attendees to share what,...
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Kelli Turner | Dec 27, 2018
2018 EMS Mobile App Round-up
It’s that time of year again when I sleuth around the internet and comb through user-reviews to compile the most useful smartphone apps...
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Maggie Adams | Sep 13, 2018
3 Ways to Improve Your EMS Billing Management
Today we discuss the many small steps ambulance providers can take to improve operations and get paid for transports. Actions in...
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Rob Humphreys | Sep 6, 2018
Operational Dashboards: Using Your EMS Data to Improve Operations
Last month, we shared six dashboards to improve clinical outcomes. This month, as we focus on operational efficiency, we delve into how...
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Lindsay Alexander | May 1, 2018
April Roundup: Mobile Device Best Practices, KPIs to Increase Your ROI, Benefits of GIS & More
If you haven't visited the ZOLL Pulse Blog in awhile, you've missed some really great content to help you in your day-to-day as EMS...
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Sean Kukauskas | Apr 26, 2018
Why Does Performance Matter in EMS?
If you have spent any time in EMS, chances are you have probably had a dispatcher (or two) say something along the lines of “whatever...
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Brian Rowe | Apr 19, 2018
How to Use GIS to Improve Billing, Operations & Responder Safety
Have you ever tried to geocode an incident for a motor vehicle crash using a milepost on a roadway or determine the best access point to...
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