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Juli Forde | Jun 4, 2020
Innovating Revenue Streams During COVID-19: Four Telehealth Best Practices
Written By: Juli Forde (3 min read) As healthcare providers continue to manage unprecedented challenges during the COVID-19 crisis,...
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Juli Forde | May 21, 2020
How to Prevent Revenue Loss During COVID-19
Unanticipated situations like the COVID-19 crisis present significant revenue challenges for healthcare providers. The path forward can...
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Maggie Adams | Feb 19, 2020
Three Ways for Billing Departments to Handle Financial Hardships
Written by: Maggie Adams (3 min read) Self-pay accounts are an ongoing frustration for billing departments. The best billing system...
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Daniel Pedersen | Feb 5, 2020
Being Paid vs. Being Paid Correctly: The Difference Can Be Costly
(4 min read) It’s no secret that being paid for the service you provide is the goal for most ambulance systems. After all, reimbursement...
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Maggie Adams | Oct 31, 2019
Accounts Receivable (A/R) Management: Working With Patients & Third-Party Payers
(7 min read) The most common question I get is, “why does our A/R keep growing?” Problems with unpaid claims, denied services, and...
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Amanda Stark | Oct 16, 2019
How Using Dispatch Protocols Can Avoid Revenue Loss and Compliance Risk
(4 min read) Dispatch is an area that seems to generate a lot of misunderstandings and confusion, especially as it relates to Medicare...
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Amanda Stark | Oct 9, 2019
Using Audit Results and Your Data to Improve Compliance
Audits sometimes get the reputation of being a bad thing or a dirty word.  But an audit, whether you’re doing it yourself, hiring...
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Brittany Frater | Sep 25, 2019
EMS and Fire: Unique Challenges and Solutions
How Chris Davison of Tucson Fire tackles challenges and optimizes for efficiency (6 min read) Chris Davison has been the Ambulance...
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