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Lindsay Alexander | May 1, 2018

April Roundup: Mobile Device Best Practices, KPIs to Increase Your ROI, Benefits of GIS & More

If you haven't visited the ZOLL Pulse Blog in awhile, you've ...

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Brian Rowe | Apr 19, 2018

How to Use GIS to Improve Billing, Operations & Responder Safety

Have you ever tried to geocode an incident for a motor vehicle crash using a milepost on a roadway or determine the best access point ...

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Lindsay Alexander | Mar 29, 2018

March Roundup: Make EMS Billing Easier, Learn to Manage a Media Crisis, Improve Operational Efficiency & More!

Perhaps you spent your free time diving into March Madness instead of keeping up on the latest on the ZOLL Pulse Blog. That’s OK. We’ve got ...

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Brandi Hart | Mar 22, 2018

Streamline Your EMS Billing Process with Insurance Discovery & Eligibility Tools

Bi-County Ambulance Service, located in Northern California, is a 911 ambulance company with an annual trip volume about 26,000 calls. We ...

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Larry Cole | Mar 13, 2018

Kanawha County’s 5-Step Journey to Zero Day Billing

Kanawha County (West Virginia) Emergency Ambulance Authority (KCEAA) runs about 50,000 emergency ...

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Kelli Turner | Mar 8, 2018

10 Ways to Improve Efficiency [& Start Saving Money] Today!

Do you struggle trying to improve operational efficiencies within your EMS or Fire agency? Are you driven by trying to squeeze every dollar ...

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Lindsay Alexander | Feb 6, 2018

How to Successfully Navigate the EMS Landscape in 2018

During the month of January, the ZOLL Pulse Blog was focused on tips and tools to help your EMS or Fire agency succeed in 2018. Check out ...

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Ryan Thorne | Jan 30, 2018

How to Drive EMS Billing Efficiency (& Revenue) Like a PRO!

When you walk into a Subway sandwich shop, you are expected to pay for your sub before you eat it. What if, instead of paying for that ...

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Maggie Adams | Jan 25, 2018

EMS Operations, Documentation & Billing: It’s All About the Numbers

Welcome to 2018, a year of numbers that will influence operations, billing, documentation and compliance. Numbers like 35, the percentage ...

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