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5 Blogs from SUMMIT 2019 Speakers to Help Get You Pumped for SUMMIT 2020

Bridget Yoder | Jan 29, 2020

(3 min read) We had a fantastic lineup of speakers at SUMMIT 2019. While we get ready to announce our speakers for 2020, we wanted to look back at some of the top blogs that were written by our talented speakers. Here are five blogs that you should be sure to check out once you’ve registered for SUMMIT 2020.

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1. ePCR Can Make or Break You by Christopher Kelly

Christopher Kelly presented a session called “The Pros and Cons of Electronic Patient Care Reports” at SUMMIT 2019. This session covered issues including regulatory compliance, legibility, embedded clinical protocols, generated narratives, required fields, and others. A few months later, one of the issues he discussed would be a key issue in a Federal Court case—how ePCR systems’ tracking can lead to allegations of fraud. Read the full blog here.

2. I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead: Sleep Loss and Fatigue in EMS by Amy Eisenhauer

Amy Eisenhauer spoke on the issue of fatigue in EMS at SUMMIT 2019. In her blog on the same topic, she discusses the dangerous and ever-present issue of fatigue and lists five guidelines that can be used to mitigate the risk of fatigue. Read the full blog here.

3. Improving EMS Documentation Outcomes by Elizabeth L. Angeli

In her SUMMIT 2019 session “Improving Documentation Outcomes by Building a Data-driven Argument,” Elizabeth Angeli discussed an alternative to current EMS narrative-writing models, recognizing that writing is a complex and cognitively demanding process. You can read her blog post on EMS documentation here.

4. 5 Reasons We Need to Talk about PTSD in EMS & Fire by Jim Marshall

PTSD was a hot topic at SUMMIT 2019, and we were honored to have Jim Marshall as one of our keynote speakers. Based on his experience training thousands of first responders, he shared why it’s important to talk about PTSD. SUMMIT 2019 may be over, but the conversation surrounding PTSD in the EMS industry is still going. Read the full blog on why we need to keep talking about it here.

5. Lessons from EMS HIPAA Audits: 5 Violations We See at (Almost) Every Agency by Ryan Stark

Ryan Stark’s firm has been doing HIPAA audits for over 15 years and one of the most popular questions they get is “What are the most common HIPAA violations you see?” He presented a session at SUMMIT 2019 called “Lessons from Actual EMS HIPAA Audits” and wrote a blog on the most common HIPAA violations that occur at EMS agencies. You can read the full blog here.

Be sure to register for SUMMIT 2020, where we’ll have more amazing industry experts speaking on relevant topics in EMS.

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