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Leveraging Cohesive Technology to Meet & Exceed Agency Benchmarks

Lindsay Alexander | May 24, 2017

Ryan Thorne, CEO and director of Thorne Ambulance Service in Greenville, South Carolina, knew that in order to progress in a private ambulance service model, he would have to think outside the box. He recognized that in order to have a highly-efficient and effective EMS model there must be cohesive technology. Because of this commitment to streamlining the business side of his agency, Thorne is a recipient of the ZOLL EMS Pulse Awards.

His Story

Within the last couple of years, he implemented RescueNet Billing, Dispatch and ePCR, ZOLL Online, and Road Safety, which led to the agency being awarded a large hospital system contract because of this commitment to professionalism and ingenuity. Statistics are important to Thorne Ambulance Service as well as to their contract agencies. In fact, their current hospital contract requires 95 percent on-time performance. Thorne was able to quickly track performance using RescueNet Reporting and provide updates and reports to the agency’s facilities. When he saw that Thorne Ambulance Service wasn’t meeting its benchmarks, he was able to quickly adjust trucks and dispatchers to ensure quality standards. Without the cohesive systems, as well as his leadership, the agency’s success would have been limited.

Thorne recognized that in order to have a highly-efficient and effective EMS model there must be cohesive technology.

Thorne recognized that because nurse and discharge planners struggle to find the time to constantly call to schedule transports, Mobile Care Connect would be a huge selling point for this hospital system as well as other contracts. He demonstrated that with the product each person that coordinates transports can input all of their calls at his or her convenience. And could even put all potential transports into the system as 'will call' first thing in the morning. That way, when the patient is ready, all they would have to do is set a time, helping his dispatchers recognize the potential call volume for the day.

About EMS Pulse Awards

To coincide with National EMS Week, ZOLL created the EMS Pulse Awards. The awards recognize professionals who are the pulse of their EMS organization, working behind the scenes of prehospital care and empowering their organization to provide better care and ultimately enable their teams to save more lives within their communities. Winners were selected based on the information you provided in their nominations, which was also used in their story above. This year’s winners were recognized at our yearly user conference, SUMMIT. Congratulations to all of our winners who are successfully streamlining the business side of EMS! Interested in nominating a coworker for their achievements on the business side of EMS? Nominations will open again in Spring 2018.

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