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    ZOLL Respond is the mobile companion app designed to work seamlessly with ZOLL Dispatch to minimize radio communication, save time, and reduce errors by automatically transferring data between dispatch and crews in the field.

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    Put Response Management in the Palm of Your Hand

    Our ZOLL Respond mobile companion app reduces unnecessary phone calls, automatically transferring data between dispatch and crews in the field. Minimizing comm center chatter maximizes efficiency, translating into more time to focus on patients. Because the ZOLL Respond mobile companion app is integrated with ZOLL Dispatch, dispatchers and crews can exchange data non-verbally and automatically, saving time, increasing efficiently, and freeing crews up to concentrate on care.

    Reducing the number of data touch points minimizes the risk of errors and omissions and takes the burden off crews to write down critical information while traveling to the scene. Crews can use real-time maps on any Android or iOS mobile device to view, respond, and receive GPS-enabled turn-by-turn routing guidance to trip pick-up and drop-off points. Trip status updates, trip management, and mileage calculations can all be shared automatically. Crews also benefit from visual and audible trip response alerts.

    Benefits of ZOLL Respond

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    • Provides automatic data transfer between dispatch and crews in the field
    • Real-time mapping enables turn-by-turn routing and easy navigation
    • Minimizes communications center chatter
    • Reduces data touch points and minimizes risk of data entry errors and omissions
    • Updates trip status automatically
    • Manages trips with integrated GPS
    • Calculates mileage automatically
    • Provides visual and audible trip response alerts

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    Are you ready to reduce radio chatter and manual tasks so you can concentrate more on patient care?

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