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ZOLL® Dispatch

Respond Quickly and Communicate Effectively With Intelligent CAD

Quickly getting the right level of care (BLS, ALS, etc.) to patients with as little manual labor as possible is a constant challenge. When seconds count, it’s imperative that call takers and dispatchers have the tools to align response with transport need and to optimally position vehicles for swift response. ZOLL Dispatch is a streamlined computer-aided dispatch (CAD) solution that enables your team to take calls and dispatch via a highly visual, single-source display. Built from the ground up with a user-centric design, our fully cloud-based solution automatically communicates response assignments to appropriate units, minimizing delays and helping you deliver more quality outcomes efficiently. Moreover, ZOLL Dispatch integrates with our cloud-based billing and ePCR solutions, ZOLL Billing and ZOLL emsCharts.


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Response Efficiency, Crew Collaboration, and Operational Quality Improvement.
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Faster Response, Better Decision Support

Cumbersome, manual dispatch processes require viewing and assimilating information from multiple screens and rely heavily on dispatcher experience and intuition for decision making. ZOLL Dispatch boasts real-time situational analysis capabilities to reduce effort and drive better dispatch decisions — regardless of user experience level.

Medical patient transport scheduling

Simplified Medical Patient Transport Scheduling

Efficient resource utilization for non-emergent medical transportation (NEMT) involves managing multiple systems and data sets, making it difficult to gain visibility into information needed to optimize available resources. The intuitive ZOLL Dispatch user interface (UI) puts all the information users need to manage NEMT efficiently and cost-effectively into a single view. Following a natural dispatch workflow, our solution can calm the chaos of manual scheduling and makes it easier to schedule patient transport requests and monitor the status of transports via a web browser.

Benefits of ZOLL Dispatch

  • Accessible from a web browser, eliminating on-premises server maintenance and disaster risk
  • Enables efficient, cost-effective resource utilization
  • Minimizes response delays
  • Keeps dispatchers on top of important trips
  • Rapidly identifies the right resource for the call
  • Naturally follows dispatch workflow
  • Simplifies fleet monitoring via real-time map
  • Prepares dispatchers for incoming incidents
  • Drives better decisions, regardless of user experience
  • Intelligently estimates time of arrival (ETA) and ranks available resources
  • Can help improve clinical, operational and financial results when integrated with ZOLL emsCharts® and ZOLL Billing

Right Resource, Right Place, Right Time

Regardless of user experience level, ZOLL Dispatch reduces the guesswork of assigning the best crew option by ranking available resources based on proximity, real-time traffic, and road closures. Tap real-time situational analysis capabilities to select the fastest, most appropriate (BLS, ALS, etc.) vehicle to respond to an incoming call, or use real-time information to support at-post positioning decisions.


Fleet Monitoring and Quality Assurance

View a real-time map of your service area to monitor the locations and status of your entire fleet and incidents in progress in a single view. Place crews strategically in anticipation of where they’ll be needed and respond faster to dynamic conditions.


Response Management in the Palm of Your Hand

Use real-time maps on any Android or iOS mobile device to view, respond, and receive turn-by-turn routing guidance to trip pick-up and drop-off points. Our ZOLL Respond application reduces unnecessary phone calls, automatically transferring data between dispatch and crews in the field. Fewer data touch points minimize the risk of data errors and omissions and take the burden off crews to write down critical information while traveling to the scene.

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