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ZOLL® Dispatch

A Deeper Dive Into ZOLL Dispatch

Additional details on the power and value of ZOLL Dispatch are presented below. For an introduction to the solution, see our Dispatch overview page.

Intelligent Vehicle Routing


React in Real Time to Changing Conditions

Analyze your historical demand, create a deployment plan to cover it, and put the plan into action. ZOLL RescueNet Dispatch ensures that your operation is doing everything it can to minimize response times by strategically placing vehicles in the places where incidents are most likely to happen.


Select the Right Vehicle Every Time

Take the guesswork out of selecting the right vehicle to dispatch. Select the fastest vehicle to an incoming call based on driving time calculated from actual driving distances and up-to-date road conditions. Provide your dispatchers with a routing image and directions to the scene or hospital.


Respond to Changes in Demand Coverage

Analyze historical demand data and produce a graphical representation of both incident locations and demand densities. Track how effective your current post locations are, modify them as needed, and regenerate new posting plans in real time.

A Flexible, Robust CAD Solution

  • Candidate ranking
  • Automated routing
  • Road closures
  • Cross streets lookup
  • Paging and advanced notification for managers
  • Visual system status management (VSSM)
  • Demand Control
  • Impedance monitoring
  • Zoning

Mobile Communications & Navigation: It’s the Way Your Crews Want to Work

Chat, Push to Talk, or Livestream

Our ZOLL Respond application gives dispatchers, crews, and clinicians at the destination facility robust communication options — such as chat, push to talk (PTT) and live streaming — and provides navigation (including when off line or when cellar coverage drops) on the mobile device of your choosing.


Minimize Comm Center Chatter

Because ZOLL Respond is integrated with RescueNet Dispatch, dispatchers can chat and PTT with the field crews via the ZOLL Respond chat services.

The ZOLL Respond application includes:

  • Secure communication across users (chat, push to talk, and livestream video)
  • Trip management
  • GPS navigation and Google mapping
  • Mileage calculation
  • Visual audible trip response alerts
  • Supervisor-specific functions, including:
    • Filter vehicles by type and location
    • Point in time snapshot of vehicles
    • Street view of where crews are and the surrounding area

Fleet Monitoring from Any Device

Real-Time Map View

ZOLL Dispatch provides a real-time map view of your service area to see the locations and status of your entire fleet and any incidents in progress from your smart phone, tablet, or desktop. Quickly scan vehicle or open incident status or dig deeper to get the details you need. Take a look at this short video to see this powerful capability in action:

Transport Scheduling: Connecting Healthcare Facilities to Transport Agencies


Streamline Patient Transport Scheduling

ZOLL Dispatch simplifies the entire medical patient transport scheduling process and eliminates the chaos involved with manual scheduling. Through a dedicated scheduling interface, Facility staff make transport requests in seconds through direct integration with your ZOLL Dispatch system.

Mobile Care Connect: Value for Facilities and Agencies

  • Facility staff can schedule patient transports in seconds
  • Access the scheduling application from any web-enabled device
  • Monitor your transport status from start to finish
  • Share relevant patient records securely
  • Much more efficient than phone calls and faxing
  • Minimize communication errors
  • Eliminate ambiguity between agencies and facilities
  • Improve the patient experience

Request. Confirm. Schedule.

Facility staff enters transport and patient details, insurance information, pick up/drop off locations, and attaches any documentation. It's that easy.

Agency dispatchers are immediately notified of the new request and can review and approve it with a single click. Requested transports from every facility can be viewed to manage the workload and dispatch appropriately.

Throughout the process, facilities have visibility into the status of transports from start to finish.