Lindsay Alexander | August 31, 2017

August Roundup: The Latest Tech Trends, Security Best Practices for Mobile Devices & More!

If you haven’t visited in a while, you’ll notice that the ZOLL Pulse Blog has a brand new look! We hope you find it far more engaging and easier to navigate so that you can access related information, connect with thought leaders and share posts. 

We also covered an array of topics from the best practices in mobile technology to the benefits of software integration to the role data now plays in today’s communication’s center to what happened when an Indiana EMS agency tried a competitor of Road Safety. Check out the roundup below.

5 Ways to Turn Your ZOLL Purchase into a Feel Good News Story

Just purchased new software? Find out how to connect with the media

So your agency just spent a lot of money purchasing new equipment to go on the ambulance. Why not put a bow on it and throw a party? Seriously. The new piece of equipment is going to help you save lives, and it may be a major upgrade to the equipment previously used. You hold a ribbon cutting ceremony when you open a new fire house, so why not do something similar for an expensive, cool new piece of equipment? Find out how to connect with the media


11 Best Practices for Mobile Technology in Healthcare

Best Practices Mobile Technology in Healthcare and EMSIt should come as no surprise by now that with advances in technology, the frequency of data loss and breaches is on the rise. It’s not just HIPAA breaches, either. Data breaches in general are big business both for thieves and those fighting and prosecuting them. This is especially true in the case of mobile technology – laptops, smartphones and other small devices – that can be easily misused, lost or stolen. Unfortunately, medical providers have been slow to adopt security protocols and response measures against inappropriate data disclosure and theft. What can you do to protect your organization, its mobile devices and data? Start following these best practices


EMS Mobile App Roundup

EMS Mobile App RoundupFrom using your cell phone to assist in proving quality CPR to locating the nearest AED or securely recording patient care information from your phone, mobile apps are changing the way EMS providers operate in the field. We’ve rounded up some of the most useful EMS apps based on reviews to help providers stay up to speed on the latest tools out there. Check out the latest and the greatest


Top 5 Unexpected Benefits of EMS Software Integration

Benefits of EMS Software IntegrationSoftware solutions such as computer assisted dispatch (CAD) programs, billing solutions and patient documentation programs are powerful tools that can help providers and administrators enhance patient care, improve operational efficiency, maximize revenue and decrease expenses. When information technology solutions are integrated, the capabilities of the programs and the benefit to the service are increased exponentially. Discover the unexpected benefits of a fully integrated system


How Data is Driving Care Starting at Dispatch

Now, with responsibilities that include protocols for “hear and treat” and “see and treat” and interfacing on a regular basis with the other components of the healthcare community, the dispatch center is swiftly transitioning into a clinical hub. To be effective and efficient in this role, accurate data is needed —because data drives outcomes. Take a look at the diverse data sources and the uses of data in this new world


Get the Most Out of Your Crystal Reports

When it comes to customizing Cyrstal Reports, the possibilities are limitlessToday we are going to talk about Crystal reports, and why they are so important to using the ZOLL software. What I would like to do is give you some ideas of different ways you could look at your data to get you to start thinking creatively on how you could use the reports to benefit your agency specifically. It's easy to get stuck in the box of our canned reports, and we forget that with Crystal reports, the possibilities are almost limitless as to how we can look at our data. Get ideas on how to think outside the box


Bloomington Hospital EMS Tried a Competitor of Road Safety for 1 Year

Bloomington Hospital EMS' Road Safety JourneyBloomington Hospital EMS was an early adopter of Road Safety, starting with Road Safety 3000. I’ve been the system administrator, and even developed training for our staff as well as other agencies in the United States. We found the driver performance feedback system was beneficial to our agency in many ways. Reports were easy to run. And even more importantly, the feedback it provided helped us protect our employees. Funding issues caused us to try a competitor for a year. Find out what happened


ZOLL Online: Our Journey to Zero Downtime

ZOLL Online's Journey to Zero Downtime for Monthly UpdatesAs longtime users are aware, our technical teams have invested a large effort to take our monthly scheduled releases from a one-hour outage window each month to releases with no downtime. We’ve gotten great feedback from the ZOLL Online community; achieving zero downtime was a significant milestone in the evolution of the platform for both our customers and our development teams. With a few zero downtime releases under our belt, I thought I’d take the opportunity to give you a behind-the-scenes look at how we got here; I promise I won’t get too technical. Follow our journey


When it Comes to Road Safety, a Map May be Worth More Than a Thousand Words

Road Safety's New Run Analysis ReportCrunching data to find the nugget of information you need to make a decision can be challenging, especially if the data set you are looking at has millions of records of data, or more. Boiling that data down into the right summary table, chart or map takes time. It also requires that you have an idea of what you need to see. To aid in this analysis of driver safety data, the Road Safety product team recently released a new report to ZOLL Online called the Run Analysis Report. Learn more about the report

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