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Maggie Adams

Maggie Adams is the president of EMS Financial Services, with over 20 years’ experience in the ambulance industry as a business owner and reimbursement and compliance consultant. Known for a practical approach and winning presentation style, Maggie has worked with medical transportation providers and billing companies of all kinds to support their billing, auditing, and documentation training efforts. Check out our newest documentation training webinars and billing webinars on our website. Friend EMS Financial on Facebook, or for more info, contact Maggie directly at maggie@ems-financial.com or visit www.ems-financial.com

Recent Posts by Maggie Adams

Maggie Adams | Jan 25, 2018

EMS Operations, Documentation & Billing: It’s All About the Numbers

Welcome to 2018, a year of numbers that will influence operations, billing, documentation and compliance. Numbers like 35, the percentage ...

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Maggie Adams | Jul 20, 2017

The Community Paramedicine Payment Evolution

As a community paramedicine (CP) program is born, the questions are how to fund and launch the initiative. Once CP takes off and proves its ...

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Maggie Adams | Apr 20, 2017

Documentation Compliance in the Real World

What is the quickest way to get EMTs and paramedics to roll their eyes? Tell them how important their documentation is to reimbursement, ...

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Maggie Adams | Mar 7, 2017

Keys to Better EMS Billing Management

Today we discuss the many small steps ambulance providers can take to improve operations and get paid for transports. Actions in dispatch, ...

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Maggie Adams | Nov 9, 2016

Compliance in EMS is Going to the Dogs!

There’s a great cartoon with a dog and his owner. The owner says, “Max, you’re such a good dog! You’re a pretty boy. I love you, Maxie! ...

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Maggie Adams | Jan 31, 2014

Ambulance Claims Audits: Why, How & When

During recent client audits, we found an insurer who had underpaid ...

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Maggie Adams | Jan 9, 2014

Managing EMS Claims Denials

I talk often about the changes of 2014 and the ...

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