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Brittany Frater

Brittany Frater
Brittany Frater is the Content Marketing Manager at ZOLL Data Management Products. With a background in English and a decade spent in marketing, she is passionate about creating high-quality content that educates, inspires and motivates people. She works tirelessly behind the scenes to keep the ZOLL blog and website full of exactly that, by liaising with industry experts in EMS and Fire and helping them share their knowledge and experience with ZOLL's audience.
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Recent Posts

Brittany Frater | Sep 25, 2019
EMS and Fire: Unique Challenges and Solutions
How Chris Davison of Tucson Fire tackles challenges and optimizes for efficiency (6 min read) Chris Davison has been the Ambulance...
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Brittany Frater | Jun 18, 2019
Using ZOLL X-series, Case Review and Sidewalk CPR to double ROSC rates
(5 min read) After attending King County Resuscitation Academy, Cosumnes Fire started to use the data provided by the ZOLL X series and...
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Brittany Frater | Jun 14, 2019
Expert Data Analysis & Reporting Improved Operational Performance and Patient Care
(4 min read) Steve Myers has been with Mobile Medical Reponse (MMR) for 23 years. He’s the resident Crystal Reports expert in the...
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Brittany Frater | Jun 10, 2019
Award-winning Cardiac Arrest Resuscitation Program: “Race to the Top”
(5 min read) Lauren Emanuelson has been with Advanced Medical Transport for 10 years. She manages the “Race to the Top” Program, focused...
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Brittany Frater | Jun 7, 2019
Superior Revenue Recapture, Streamlined Processes and Innovative Problem-Solving
(3 min read) Julie Mickow has been with the Mayo Clinic for 22 years. In her time there, she has held every role in the revenue stream...
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Brittany Frater | Jun 3, 2019
Improving Clinical Care, Operational Efficiency and Saving Lives with Data
(4 min read) Mark Weade has been with the Upper Arlington Fire Division for 10 years. He has made great strides in analyzing their EMS...
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Brittany Frater | May 31, 2019
Implementing a Single Source Solution to Support Growth, Clinical Care and Disaster Response
(3 min read) Corey Martin has been with MedTrust for 3 years. As Director of Innovative Practices, Corey went the extra mile in...
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Brittany Frater | May 27, 2019
Improved Targeted Care for High-Volume Users while Decreasing Ambulance Transports
(3 min read) Together, Erich Scheunemann and Michael Riley, who both work for the Anchorage Fire Department, achieved impressive results...
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Brittany Frater | May 23, 2019
Designing innovative ways to improve operations, streamline processes and deliver a higher level of care
(3 min read) Robert Morgan has been with Lifeguard Ambulance for 9 years, providing strong leadership in overall operations. Lifeguard...
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Brittany Frater | May 21, 2019
Stabilizing and Increasing Cashflows to Meet Financial and Operational Objectives
(3 min read) Jeff Greenway has been with Thorne Ambulance Service for 7 years. He has been instrumental in their implementation and...
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