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David McGowan

David McGowan
David McGowan, ASHM, has more than 35 years of experience in EMS serving as a clinician and administrator for fire and hospital-based services. He is an accomplished administrator in Operations, Communications, Marketing, Business Development and Systems Quality. McGowan is recognized nationally for his expertise in ambulance safety programs. He has had many speaking engagements at national EMS conferences and has authored numerous publications and papers. McGowan provides expert consultation for ambulance operators, manufacturers, educational institutions, government agencies and legal firms.

Recent Posts

Learning from Aviation Safety: Part 2 - Checklists

David McGowan | Jul 5, 2018
In 1935, a fatal airplane crash changed the aviation safety world. It was at Wright Field near Dayton, Ohio, when the Boeing aircraft...
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Learning from Aviation Safety: Part 1 – Crew Resource Management

David McGowan | Jun 12, 2018
Has this ever happened to you: You’re the new person starting your first day at a service with a seasoned medic. You get your first call...
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Reducing Preventable Crashes with Road Safety

David McGowan | May 16, 2018
Leonard Callier, along with a team from South Texas Emergency Care Foundation (STEC), was able to significantly reduce preventable...
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Want to Continue to Cultivate Your Culture of Safety? Hire for Behavior

David McGowan | Mar 15, 2018
EMS or Fire organizations that have committed, or are planning to develop, a culture of safety have many challenges facing them. For the...
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Are You Risking Lives When Trying to Save Lives?

David McGowan | Mar 1, 2018
Personal experience certainly makes a believer out of you. While working for a former EMS agency, I was present to see firsthand what...
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How to Monitor EMS Driver Performance

David McGowan | Jan 4, 2018
Driver safety doesn’t just affect crews and passenger, it affects the entire community. With increased adrenalin, lights and sirens, and...
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How to Prevent Tampering on Your Road Safety Device

David McGowan | Jul 13, 2017
It’s not a matter of if; it’s matter of when. Tampering of any company-owned equipment is very serious, and the consequences can be...
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Road Safety Enhancements Provide Greater Insight into Ambulance Safety

David McGowan | Apr 18, 2017
In the April release of ZOLL Online, we’re introducing the new Road Safety Overview dashboard and an improved reporting experience....
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12 Expenses to Consider When Calculating the Cost of an Ambulance Crash

David McGowan | Mar 28, 2017
Reimbursements continue to be challenging in EMS, and the future unfortunately doesn’t paint a favorable outlook any time soon. While...
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How to Improve Your EMS Agency's Safety Policy

David McGowan | Jan 24, 2017
Executive, operation and safety leadership should make sure safety policies are reviewed annually and up-to-date. The New Year is an...
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