Compliance Consulting and Training

Let us help you understand and meet your compliance obligations

From billing basics to clarifying the changing billing requirements that come from Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, our Compliance Consulting and Training will help your agency identify areas of weakness and where increasing the knowledge of your staff can bring a higher level of professionalism and compliance to your agency. 

  1. Starting with an internal claim review, we will review the information and proficiencies from dispatch, field data and billing to ensure your staff has a clear vision of the necessary gathering and documenting of information to make your processes successful and compliant with federal rules and regulations. 
  2. Delivered in a classroom setting, training will also include documentation for the field crews with the different signature types; HIPAA, Notice of Privacy Practices delivery and record keeping. 
  3. Our consultant will work with your agency specific needs, tailoring the training to ensure your best outcome.

Please keep in mind this program is information that is for training and consulting purposes only and is not legal advice or counsel. It is the agency’s responsibility to know and abide by all laws, rules and regulations.