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ZOLLPulse Blog

Insights for Data-Driven EMS

Bonnie Doyle | Jan 7, 2020

Spotlight on SUMMIT 2020’s Keynote Lineup

ZOLL is excited to announce our keynote speaker lineup for SUMMIT 2020! ...

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Ryan Stark | Dec 11, 2019

6 Simple Cybersecurity Tips for EMS Agencies

(2 min read) EMS agencies are very attractive targets for cybercriminals.  But, there are easy steps you can take to better protect ...

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Tim Nowak | Nov 13, 2019

Response Times: We Did it to Ourselves (And Now We Need to Change It)!

What response times can tell us (if we gather the data accurately) (5 min read) Nine minutes or less, 90% of the time – or ...

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Logan Sullivan | Oct 22, 2019

5 Ways to Empower Millennials in the EMS Workforce

(6 min read) Co-Written by Logan Sullivan and Rabecca Sembrat We continue to see research showing that

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Justin Eberly | Aug 29, 2019

Risk Management: Beyond ‘Checking the Box’

(4 min read) EMS workers carry heavy responsibility time and time again—on a daily basis. Every mile of

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Bridget Yoder | Dec 13, 2018

Emergent Response, a Dangerous Epidemic

Why Using Lights & Sirens Can Be Risky Business David McGowan, ASHM, has more than 35 years of experience in EMS serving as ...

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Bridget Yoder | Nov 29, 2018

5 Guidelines for Fatigue Risk Management

During a recent ZOLL webinar on EMS fatigue, the audience was asked whether fatigue was a problem in their ...

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Jerome Ozog | Nov 15, 2018

Emergency Response Travel Safety

Important Initiatives for Traveling Emergency Responders by Jerome Ozog, Glatfelter Program Managers & ETC Education ...

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Bridget Yoder | Oct 11, 2018

Aviation Webinar Discusses Safety and Crew Resource Management

A recent webinar featured experienced pilots Captain Dick Blanchet, Major Ben Blanchet, and Captain Chris Guerra as panelists as well as ...

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Justin Eberly | Oct 9, 2018

How to Provide 5-Star Patient Transport

Could your ambulance and paratransit customer service rival Uber? In a 2015

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Lindsay Alexander | Aug 30, 2018

Four Free eLearning Courses on Ambulance Safety

Is ambulance safety a concern or focal point in your organization? We fully support that! ZOLL is committed to improving ambulance safety ...

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Justin Eberly | Aug 2, 2018

Not in My Backyard: When Mass Casualty Hits Close to Home

Practicing better preparedness for life’s unthinkable events Most people go to great lengths to avoid anything that might ...

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David McGowan | Jul 5, 2018

Learning from Aviation Safety: Part 2 - Checklists

In 1935, a fatal airplane crash changed the aviation safety world. It was at Wright Field near Dayton, Ohio, when the Boeing aircraft ...

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Lindsay Alexander | Jun 28, 2018

June Roundup: Tips & Tools to Improve Safety in EMS

Did you know that 4,500 vehicle crashes per year involve ambulances? Safety is paramount in EMS, and we here at ZOLL are committed to ...

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Tim Brickell | Jun 26, 2018

Improve CPR Quality & Provider Safety on the Move

When resuscitation on the move is necessary you want two things: you want the highest-quality CPR and you want to make sure while that CPR ...

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