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Purpose-Built, Integrated Platforms Are the Future of Telemedicine

ZOLL Data Systems | Apr 26, 2022
Telemedicine is becoming standard practice for many healthcare providers. According to Dr. David Ernst, president of telemedicine innovator...
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How Medical Groups Can Tune up Front-end RCM Processes and Capture More Revenue

Medical groups are facing unprecedented cost increases as well as lost revenue that can never be recaptured. While many groups focus on...
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Automated Demographic Verification Should Be Every Laboratory’s First Line of Defense Against Revenue Leakage

ZOLL Data Systems | Apr 12, 2022
Many laboratories face financial challenges due to persistent downward pricing pressure, making it essential to capture payment on all...
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How To Use AR Optimization and Patient Engagement Technology to Counteract ASC Staffing Shortages

The staffing crisis prompted by COVID-19 is unlikely to be resolved in the foreseeable future. When key positions can’t be filled in a...
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Compliance Accreditation and Patient Safety with Pre-hospital Emergency Care

ZOLL Data Systems | Mar 18, 2022
In Emergency Departments (ED) and Intensive Care Units (ICU) in the U.S., more than half of critically ill patients arrive via ambulance....
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5 Simple Steps That Help You Avoid Costly Billing Mistakes, Improve Your Bottom Line, and Reduce Patient Anxiety

(7 min read) When providing healthcare services — whether that be in the pre-hospital (EMS) or traditional hospital setting — we are...
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Strategies for Reducing Payment Uncertainty With Less Effort and More Satisfaction

ZOLL Data Systems | Feb 24, 2022
In a recent webinar hosted by Healthcare Business Management Association (HBMA), AR optimization expert, Juli Smith, discussed the growing...
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Conquering Billing Challenges Early in the Patient Encounter

ZOLL Data Systems | Feb 23, 2022
Healthcare providers are striving to meet rising demand in their communities but are feeling the burden of prior authorization get heavier....
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Six Reasons You Can’t Miss ZOLL Summit 2022

ZOLL’s largest educational event of the year, ZOLL Summit, brings hundreds of EMS, Fire, and healthcare professionals from all over the...
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Why Rapid Access to EMS Data Is Essential for Excellence in Cardiac Systems of Care

In a cardiac system of care, STEMI-referring hospitals and STEMI-receiving centers rely on accurate, timely communication and coordination...
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Demystifying Proper EMS Billing for Hospital Inpatient Transports Part 3: How Much Must the Hospital Pay?

This post is Part Three of a three-part series. View Part One | View Part Two. In part one of this three-part article series, we looked at...
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Demystifying Proper EMS Billing for Hospital Inpatient Transports Part 2: Medicare Bundling Rules

This post is Part Two of a three-part series. View Part One |View Part Three. In the previous installment of this three-part article...
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Demystifying Proper EMS Billing for Hospital Inpatient Transports Part 1: Who’s the Payer?

This post is Part One of a three-part series. View Part Two |View Part Three One of the areas of ambulance billing that can pose challenges...
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Using ZOLL Respond for Effective Communication

Effective communication in emergency medical services provides two-way and real-time capabilities, delivering messages efficiently to and...
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Billing Survival Strategies: Medicare Advantage and Medicaid Managed Care

ZOLL Data Systems | Jan 20, 2022
(2 min read) As the demand for Medicare Advantage and Medicaid managed care grows, so do the rules and regulations — which means more...
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Short-staffed ASCs Can Ease the Burden of Prior Authorization and Do More With Less

ZOLL Data Systems | Jan 18, 2022
(2 min read) Ambulatory Surgical Centers (ASCs) do an exceptional job of collecting patient deductibles, co-pays, and other patient...
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Are You Secure? Cyberattacks and Security Issues for EMS in 2021

The effects of a cyberattack on an EMS agency, software vendor, or third-party billing company can be devastating. In 2021, information is...
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How and Why Bringing EMS Billing In-house Could Be Right for You

ZOLL Data Systems | Jan 4, 2022
If you currently outsource your billing and collections functions and are considering bringing them in-house, you’ll want to assess whether...
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Progressive Communications Centers Can Improve the Patient Experience and Transform Outdated EMS Economics

ZOLL Data Systems | Jan 3, 2022
(2 min read) The current emergency medical services (EMS) economic model follows a pay-per-transport system. Insurance agencies and...
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Maximize Reimbursement and Minimize Bad Debt With Deductible Monitoring Technology

(3 min read) In recent years, the healthcare industry has seen a rise in high-deductible insurance plans. In 2020 47% of covered workers...
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Using Dispatch Protocols To Avoid Revenue Loss and Compliance Risk

(4 min read) Dispatch protocols are critical for complying with Medicare rules and maximizing legitimate reimbursement from the largest...
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The Critical Role Communication Centers Play in the EMS Transformation

(9 min read) Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, a communications center worker answered an emergency call from a caller who relayed...
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Labs of All Sizes Can Benefit From Employing Revenue-enhancing Best Practices

ZOLL Data Systems | Nov 8, 2021
(2 min read) The COVID-19 lockdown caused a rapid drop-off in routine labs and specialty testing. Even those that were processing COVID...
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Complete Patient Documentation Earns More Revenue and Mitigates Liability Risk

ZOLL Data Systems | Nov 4, 2021
(3 min read) During the 2021 ZOLL Summit Series ePCR & Fire event, quality assurance analyst and clinical educator, Jason Haag, spoke about
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Lessons Learned From EMS Documentation Legal Case Studies

(4 min read) Emergency Medical Service (EMS) documentation continues to be one of the most vexing challenges for EMS practitioners and...
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Custom Reports Inform Your Quality Improvement Initiatives With Data-driven Insight

ZOLL Data Systems | Oct 19, 2021
(5 min read) If you learn to leverage the custom reports function for your ePCR system, you can stay focused on critical issues while...
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What Radiology Practices Need To Know About the No Surprises Act

(3 min read) Large, unexpected medical bills are increasingly at the forefront of patients' minds. Surprise billing situations occur when a...
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COVID, Competition, and the Cloud Push the Industry Toward EMS 4.0

(6 min read) EMS 3.0 introduced the concept of transforming the Emergency Medical Services industry from emergency response and transport...
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Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and the Potential Revenue Cycle Win for Ambulatory Surgery Centers

(2 min read) Data science made advances toward artificial intelligence (AI) for years, which encouraged scientists to believe the dream of...
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The History of NEMSIS 3.5 and How a Data-driven Industry Saves More Lives

ZOLL Data Systems | Aug 17, 2021
The Evolution of NEMSIS, the National EMS Information System  (3 min read) The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) built...
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Data Sharing Myth: HIPAA Prevents Bi-directional Health Information Exchange

Misconceptions About HIPAA Have Created an Artificial Barrier to Bi-directional Data Sharing Between EMS and Hospitals
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NEMT Market Disruption Spells Opportunity for Hospitals and EMS Agencies 

(6 min read) Non-emergency medical transport (NEMT) is a growing, multi-billion-dollar industry. According to Frost & Sullivan, the total...
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5 Critical Medicare Updates Every EMS Agency Should Know

ZOLL Data Systems | Jun 30, 2021
(5 min read) For many years, EMS agencies and advocacy groups like the American Ambulance Associates (AAA) have been battling for adequate...
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Understanding How to Get Paid by the Department of Veterans Affairs for Ambulance Transports

ZOLL Data Systems | Jun 24, 2021
(3 min read) Getting reimbursement for ambulance transport from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) can be challenging. For...
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Top 6 Tips for Optimizing EMS Reimbursement, Care Quality, and Staffing

ZOLL Data Systems | Jun 23, 2021
(4 min read) Technology is transforming how the healthcare industry manages revenue, reimbursements. Claims processing is central to any...
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Hold for Deductible: Why “Zero Day Billing” Is No Longer the Goal 

(3 min read) The lay of the land in EMS billing used to be “Zero Day Billing.” This meant that emergency medical service (EMS) agencies...
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How to Demystify Slow Revenue Capture, High Denials, and Too Many Write-offs

(6 min read) Billing for emergency medical services (EMS) is tricky in the best of circumstances. In emergent situations, patients may or...
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2021 ZOLL® Pulse Award Winner Helps Tucson Agency Increase Payments by 12%

ZOLL Data Systems | May 27, 2021
(3 min read) The ZOLL Pulse Awards, first launched at the 2017 ZOLL Summit, recognizes professionals who improve operational efficiencies...
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Hosted Computing Eases Orderly Transition to SaaS Solutions

(5 min read) There are many reasons that business applications are moving to the cloud, or Software as a Service (SaaS) model. One of the...
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2021 ZOLL® Pulse Award Winner Helps Florida Agency Achieve Higher Levels of Operational Performance 

ZOLL Data Systems | May 21, 2021
(5 min read) The ZOLL Pulse Awards, first launched at the 2017 ZOLL Summit, recognizes professionals who improve operational efficiencies...
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How To Humanize Data and Empower Every Position in Your EMS Organization

(6 min read) When was the last time you heard your field-level providers talking about unit hour utilization (UHU), time on task, and other...
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Spring Cleaning for Your EMS Billing 

ZOLL Data Systems | May 14, 2021
(2 min read) The COVID-19 pandemic has made it more important than ever for EMS agency billers and managers to conduct their annual reviews...
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Tools and Strategies to Improve Revenue and Reduce Administrative Burden 

ZOLL Data Systems | May 6, 2021
(2 min read) “One overarching thing I think that we are struggling with today as healthcare providers is payment uncertainty. We really...
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Are Your Key Performance Indicators Costing You Money? (Part 3)

Co-written by Scott A. Moore, Esq., Principal, Moore EMS Consulting LLC A Critical Look at How Common KPIs Are Being Used (or Misused) by...
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Hospitals Can Improve Patient Outcomes by Using HL7 to Transform Collaboration With EMS

In the unfortunate event that you or a loved one is transported by ambulance to a hospital for emergency care, wouldn’t you want the...
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Stop Relying on the Patient for Accurate and Timely Payer Information 

(3 min read) When it comes to billing and revenue cycle management (RCM) services, as an industry, we have been doing the same things for...
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Aggregating COVID-19 Data for a More Holistic View of the Pandemic

ZOLL Data Systems | Apr 20, 2021
(3 min read) In March 2021, Greg Howard, Director of National Interoperability Sales at ZOLL Medical Corporation, and Mario Sanchez, ...
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Why Healthcare Is Taking its Business to the Cloud

(7 min read) As consumers, where do you and your families interact with cloud-based software? For many consumers, it started with taxes. ...
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Healthcare Credit Checks Benefit Patients and Providers Alike — So What’s the Controversy?

(4 min read) When a patient checks in to see a new healthcare provider, there is the inevitable package of new patient paperwork. Along...
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5% of Your Self-pay Patients Likely Have Medicare Coverage

Gaps in demographic and insurance information are commonplace. Patients are often mislabeled as self-pay despite the presence of billable...
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Retroactively Discover, Verify, and Bill Medicaid Coverage for Hospital Encounters 

(2 min read) In 2019, almost 50% of all insured individuals were insured through employer sponsored plans. The COVID-19 pandemic caused the
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Data Analysis Drives Better Decision Making and Increased Revenue

(5 min read) Hospitals, emergency medical services (EMS) agencies, and other healthcare providers need accurate, complete, and reliable...
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The Patient’s Financial Experience: Trends, Innovations, and Challenges

ZOLL Data Systems | Mar 11, 2021
Juli Forde, Director of Strategic Partnerships, AR Optimization at ZOLL® Data Systems partnered with Jonathan Wiik, Principal, Healthcare...
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5 Timely EMS Billing Tips for Navigating 2021

(7 min read) Have you ever lost your glasses only to find them on top of your head? The habit of putting them there has become so routine,...
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Are Your Key Performance Indicators Costing You Money? (Part 2)

Co-written by Scott A. Moore, Esq., Principal, Moore EMS Consulting LLC A Critical Look at How Common KPIs Are Being Used (or Misused) by...
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Emotional Strain and Mental Health: Using ePCR Data to Transform the EMS Culture

Long shifts, low pay, and repeated, vicarious traumas are givens for paramedics and other EMS professionals. Enduring the physical and...
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Implement These Best Practices for Improving Comms Center Performance

(4 min read) Step into any dispatch communications center, and you’ll witness a familiar buzz of activity which, to the untrained eye, can...
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How Emergency Medicine Physicians Can Increase Revenue in 2021 With Medicare PFS Cuts Looming

ZOLL Data Systems | Jan 21, 2021
In August 2020, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) released the proposed Medicare annual payment rule for 2021. This rule...
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Reducing Emergency Department Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) in 2021

ZOLL Data Systems | Jan 19, 2021
In 2020, emergency department volume reductions and an increase in uninsured patients have caused financial ripple effects through the...
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The Cash Pay Lie and Other Costly Realities

ZOLL Data Systems | Jan 15, 2021
In an effort to maintain or increase patient volume and reduce collections costs, physician groups increasingly are offering substantial...
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Participating in the ET3 Model? Here’s What You Need to Know About NEMSIS Reporting Requirements

ZOLL Data Systems | Dec 22, 2020
With thousands of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) agencies throughout the U.S., there are inevitably hundreds or even thousands of...
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How NEMSIS v3.5.0 Can Propel the EMS Industry Forward 

New National Data Reporting Elements for Improving Patient Care and Driving Evidence-based Progress in EMS’ Role in the Healthcare Ecosystem
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Emergency Medicine is Facing the Imperfect Storm in 2021

The proposed Physician Fee Schedule (PFS) for 2021 increases reimbursement for office and outpatient E/M codes and thereby reduces the...
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Billing Medicare and Private Payers for Telehealth Visits: What to Expect Post-Public Health Emergency

ZOLL Data Systems | Dec 14, 2020
The American Medical Association (AMA) and many other organizations are actively advocating for continued support of telehealth...
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Are Your Key Performance Indicators Costing You Money? (Part 1)

Co-written by Scott A. Moore, Esq., Principal, Moore EMS Consulting LLC
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Using ePCR Bio-Surveillance and Geospatial Data to Improve EMS Operations

From COVID-19 hot spots to opioid overdoses, EMS agencies must evaluate community health data in new ways and more frequently than ever...
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Tips for EMS Agencies to Resolve Today's Patient-Pay Accounts

Everywhere I go, ambulance providers, billing companies, and billers ask, “Why do patients think that ambulance service is free?” Across...
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Data Sharing Myth: HIPAA Prevents Bi-directional Health Information Exchange

Misconceptions About HIPAA Have Created an Artificial Barrier to Bi-directional Data Sharing Between EMS and Hospitals
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What’s Next? More EMS Billing in the COVID Environment

ZOLL Data Systems | Nov 13, 2020
Like all other providers in the healthcare ecosystem, emergency medical services (EMS) agencies have been impacted in many ways by the...
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New Perspectives Call for New EMS Practices in 2021

Undoubtedly, things have changed as a result of COVID-19. What were once accepted practices are no longer sufficient. EMS agencies must...
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How to Boost Billing Performance and Patient Satisfaction

(6 min read) Today, healthcare providers are under increased pressure to ensure a positive patient journey - one that prioritizes the ...
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EMS Billing in the COVID-19 Environment

ZOLL Data Systems | Oct 13, 2020
(2 min read) In April 2020, the National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians (NAEMT) conducted a survey to assess the early impact...
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Offering Patient-centric Payment Plans Increases Provider Collections by More than 11%

ZOLL Data Systems | Oct 6, 2020
(2 min read) Most healthcare providers report offering patient payment plans. The plans are popular; approximately half of consumers state...
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Look Who’s Paying for Treatment without Transport

How Efforts at the State Level Are Blazing the Trail for Community Paramedicine Reimbursement
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COVID-19 Workforce Impacts and Data Collection: A Study in Collaboration

(8 min read) In early 2020, the concept of the novel coronavirus was nothing more than a whisper in New Jersey EMS agencies. It was...
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Interoperability Has Come a Long Way, but There Is Much to Be Done

(8 min read) 2020 has been an interesting year, and at the time of this writing, it’s only September. I am sure the word of the year will...
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4 Questions About How the COVID-19 Medical Leave Impacts EMS Agencies

(6 min read) Without a doubt, COVID-19 has presented EMS agencies with multiple challenges that collectively are some of the most...
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How to Optimize Revenue Cycle Management Technology: Best Practices from the Experts

In a recent report by HIMSS Healthcare IT News, five healthcare revenue cycle technology experts offer perspectives on best practices for...
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How to Verify Patient Eligibility Under the HRSA Uninsured COVID-19 Program

In early April, the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) announced that a portion of the $100 billion CARES Act Provider Relief...
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EMS Compliance Lessons from a $10M Medicare Ambulance Fraud Scheme

(4 min read) Several recent cases have shown that the Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Inspector General (OIG) and the...
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Three Ways Every EMS Agency Should Be Leveraging ePCR Data

Your ePCR is a vast repository of data. So, what are you going to do with it?
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Leveraging Multiple Data Streams to Accelerate Reimbursement and Enable Agile Operations

(7 min read) Consider this scenario: a child enters the hospital emergency department with a broken collar bone, sustained while at play....
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HFMA Webinar Recap: Mitigate the Impact of Volume Loss by Optimizing the AR You Have

Proven Best Practices and Solutions to Effectively Mine Past AR (5 min read) Amid COVID-19, hospitals and providers alike are struggling to...
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Innovating Revenue Streams During COVID-19: Four Telehealth Best Practices

Written By: Juli Forde (3 min read) As healthcare providers continue to manage unprecedented challenges during the COVID-19 crisis, making...
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How to Prevent Revenue Loss During COVID-19

Unanticipated situations like the COVID-19 crisis present significant revenue challenges for healthcare providers. The path forward can be...
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3 Reasons Cloud-Based Solutions Make Good Sense for Fire & EMS

Brian Bleile | Apr 9, 2020
Data security is on everyone’s mind in this age of cyber criminals, malware, and ransomware. Nowhere is this truer than in the healthcare...
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4 Tips for Maximizing Billing During the COVID-19 Pandemic

(3 min read) Using your software tools to maximize billing efforts during these difficult times may not be top of mind right now, but I...
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COVID-19 Patient Documentation to Improve Outcomes and Protect EMS Crews

Chad Hurka | Mar 13, 2020
With COVID-19 cases on the rise, first responders must address a new set of concerns relating to patient care and crew safety. The CDC has...
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Three Metrics Guiding Progressive Change within EMS

A look at where we’ve used data in the past and how we’re using it now to improve performance in the prehospital and in-hospital settings.
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Three Ways for Billing Departments to Handle Financial Hardships

Written by: Maggie Adams (3 min read) Self-pay accounts are an ongoing frustration for billing departments. The best billing system can’t...
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Five EMS Technology Improvements that Will Shape the Next Ten Years

“The only constant is change,” paraphrasing the ancient Greek philosopher, Heraclitus. In the world of technological and engineering...
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Medicare Beneficiary Identifiers Accelerate Claim Payment

Kelli Turner | Feb 11, 2020
(4 min read) On January 1, 2020, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) made the formal shift to the use of Medicare...
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Being Paid vs. Being Paid Correctly: The Difference Can Be Costly

Daniel Pedersen | Feb 5, 2020
(4 min read) It’s no secret that being paid for the service you provide is the goal for most ambulance systems. After all, reimbursement is...
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5 Blogs from SUMMIT 2019 Speakers to Help Get You Pumped for SUMMIT 2020

Bridget Yoder | Jan 29, 2020
(3 min read) We had a fantastic lineup of speakers at SUMMIT 2019. While we get ready to announce our speakers for 2020, we wanted to look...
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The Never Quite Forgotten Compliance Risk

(6 min read) Medicare usually pays the largest portion of ambulance claims. But when viewing medical transportation - ambulance combined...
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ROI from CQI

(4 min read) CQI involves more than just checking reports to make sure that the “red” went away, it’s a continuous process focusing on...
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Time Check on Your Company's Best Practices

(4 min read) As we head into 2020, it is a good time to get a check-up. I’m not talking about a trip to your doctor, I’m suggesting a...
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Spotlight on SUMMIT 2020’s Keynote Lineup

Bonnie Doyle | Jan 7, 2020
ZOLL is excited to announce our keynote speaker lineup for SUMMIT 2020! The three-day event, scheduled for June 9-11 at the Sheraton in...
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6 Simple Cybersecurity Tips for EMS Agencies

(2 min read) EMS agencies are very attractive targets for cybercriminals.  But, there are easy steps you can take to better protect your...
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Mobile “Interoperable” Healthcare: An Alternative Definition to “MIH”

We’re used to hearing about ‘interoperability’ in terms of communications, but how about its use in information exchange?
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Response Times: We Did it to Ourselves (And Now We Need to Change It)!

What response times can tell us (if we gather the data accurately) (5 min read) Nine minutes or less, 90% of the time – or whatever...
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Achieving Revenue (Tri)Cycle; Not (Uni)Cycle

Daniel Pedersen | Nov 6, 2019
(3 min read) When people hear the phrase “revenue cycle,” words like "billing," "collections," and "payment" typically come to mind. While...
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Accounts Receivable (A/R) Management: Working With Patients & Third-Party Payers

(7 min read) The most common question I get is, “why does our A/R keep growing?” Problems with unpaid claims, denied services, and growing...
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Train Your New Gal (and Old Guy) on Documentation

(5 Min Read) Let's face it, a one hour of discussion about threatening lawsuits or a courtroom credibility shredding during someone's...
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5 Ways to Empower Millennials in the EMS Workforce

Rabecca Sembrat | Oct 22, 2019
(6 min read) Co-Written by Logan Sullivan and Rabecca Sembrat We continue to see research showing that Millennials are the most  educated...
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How Using Dispatch Protocols Can Avoid Revenue Loss and Compliance Risk

Amanda Stark | Oct 16, 2019
(4 min read) Dispatch is an area that seems to generate a lot of misunderstandings and confusion, especially as it relates to Medicare...
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Using Audit Results and Your Data to Improve Compliance

Amanda Stark | Oct 9, 2019
Audits sometimes get the reputation of being a bad thing or a dirty word.  But an audit, whether you’re doing it yourself, hiring someone...
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EMS and Fire: Unique Challenges and Solutions

Brittany Frater | Sep 25, 2019
How Chris Davison of Tucson Fire tackles challenges and optimizes for efficiency (6 min read) Chris Davison has been the Ambulance Billing...
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Risk Management: Beyond ‘Checking the Box’

Justin Eberly | Aug 29, 2019
(4 min read) EMS workers carry heavy responsibility time and time again—on a daily basis. Every mile of ambulance operations, their eyes...
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The EMS Provider Wellness Puzzle

Mark Bober | Aug 14, 2019
Fitting the pieces together for an overall picture of health (7 min read) Over the past few years, the focus of EMS research, best...
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Automate these processes to save yourself time in EMS

Reggie Yancey | Jul 30, 2019
(4 min read) He fires the flaming arrow into the void of darkness inside the cave before him. Hercules was not generally considered a weak...
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ePCR Can Make or Break You

(4 min read) At this year’s ZOLL Summit conference, I presented a session on the pros and cons of e-pcr systems. This session covered...
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Lessons from EMS HIPAA Audits: 5 Violations We See at (Almost) Every Agency

(5 min read) Our firm has been doing on-site HIPAA audits for over 15 years now and one of the most popular questions we get is: “What are...
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Changing EMS Leadership into Lionship

Roger Smith | Jul 18, 2019
(6 min read) Take a moment and reflect on two very fundamental questions you should ask yourself as a leader in EMS.  First, why did you...
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Defining and enforcing accountability in EMS

Chris Cebollero | Jul 16, 2019
(6 min read) A few months back I was assisting an organization in their efforts to increase employee engagement and satisfaction. A dirty...
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10 Strategies to Avoid Budget-Busting Fines Related to Business Associate Agreements

Rachel Haczewski | Jul 10, 2019
(4 min read) Got room in your budget to pay off a $750,000 settlement simply for not having an up-to-date Business Associate Agreement...
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Re-framing Airway Management

Joshua Ishmael | Jul 8, 2019
(6 min read) As pre-hospital providers airway management (basic or advanced) should be our bread and butter.  After all, our lives and very...
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NFORS: Using Technology to Document Firefighter Exposure to Carcinogens and IDLH Conditions

Chad Hurka | Jul 5, 2019
(4 min read) Firefighters’ concerns have changed rapidly over the past decade. We have always been focused on our personal readiness and...
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Will After-Market Alterations Leave You Feeling Sheepish?

Justin Eberly | Jul 2, 2019
(3 min read) The sheep-skin strap covers may “look cute and seem soft”, but a Georgia mother now cautions the use of aftermarket products...
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5 Ways to be “Better Than Yesterday”

Robert Piparo | Jun 26, 2019
(3 min read) EMS is an evolving profession. We are constantly changing our practices and procedures to meet the demands of an ever-changing...
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Can CISD Heal a Culture?

Cory Oaks | Jun 24, 2019
(5 min read) There is no debating the fact that responder PTSD and suicide has become an epidemic. It seems we cannot visit any of the...
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I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead: Sleep Loss and Fatigue in EMS

Amy Eisenhauer | Jun 20, 2019
(4 min read) When I was a new EMT all I wanted to do was work on the ambulance answering calls with my friends. So much so that I had three...
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Using ZOLL X-series, Case Review and Sidewalk CPR to double ROSC rates

Brittany Frater | Jun 18, 2019
(5 min read) After attending King County Resuscitation Academy, Cosumnes Fire started to use the data provided by the ZOLL X series and...
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Expert Data Analysis & Reporting Improved Operational Performance and Patient Care

Brittany Frater | Jun 14, 2019
(4 min read) Steve Myers has been with Mobile Medical Reponse (MMR) for 23 years. He’s the resident Crystal Reports expert in the company,...
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Nick Sortin | Jun 12, 2019
(4 min read) Part 2. If you missed Part 1, you can read it here.
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Award-winning Cardiac Arrest Resuscitation Program: “Race to the Top”

Brittany Frater | Jun 10, 2019
(5 min read) Lauren Emanuelson has been with Advanced Medical Transport for 10 years. She manages the “Race to the Top” Program, focused on...
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Superior Revenue Recapture, Streamlined Processes and Innovative Problem-Solving

Brittany Frater | Jun 7, 2019
(3 min read) Julie Mickow has been with the Mayo Clinic for 22 years. In her time there, she has held every role in the revenue stream and...
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Do Your Own Internal Audit to Avoid External Review (and Reduce Denials)

(5 min read) Lately it feels like ambulance providers are getting yelled at from Medicare and the OIG at every turn – “Medicare Paid Twice...
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Improving Clinical Care, Operational Efficiency and Saving Lives with Data

Brittany Frater | Jun 3, 2019
(4 min read) Mark Weade has been with the Upper Arlington Fire Division for 10 years. He has made great strides in analyzing their EMS data...
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Implementing a Single Source Solution to Support Growth, Clinical Care and Disaster Response

Brittany Frater | May 31, 2019
(3 min read) Corey Martin has been with MedTrust for 3 years. As Director of Innovative Practices, Corey went the extra mile in improving...
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Nick Sortin | May 29, 2019
(5 min read) What if I were to tell you there is a pill you can prescribe to prevent death related to sudden cardiac and stroke?
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Improved Targeted Care for High-Volume Users while Decreasing Ambulance Transports

Brittany Frater | May 27, 2019
(3 min read) Together, Erich Scheunemann and Michael Riley, who both work for the Anchorage Fire Department, achieved impressive results by...
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Designing innovative ways to improve operations, streamline processes and deliver a higher level of care

Brittany Frater | May 23, 2019
(3 min read) Robert Morgan has been with Lifeguard Ambulance for 9 years, providing strong leadership in overall operations. Lifeguard...
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Stabilizing and Increasing Cashflows to Meet Financial and Operational Objectives

Brittany Frater | May 21, 2019
(3 min read) Jeff Greenway has been with Thorne Ambulance Service for 7 years. He has been instrumental in their implementation and early...
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ZOLL Pulse Awards 2019: Celebrating our Exceptional EMS Practitioners

Brittany Frater | May 17, 2019
Another successful SUMMIT on the books! As we reflect on the events of the last week, once again the team at ZOLL would like to...
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First Responders: At the Forefront of Disaster & PTSD

Lindsey Elias | May 15, 2019
Recognize Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder signs and symptoms to better protect your crew members (5 min read) If you’ve missed the...
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How Health Care Fits into the Internet of Things

Ronnie Thomson | May 1, 2019
What is the Internet of things? For starters, the “Internet of things” represents the fact that everything you own can (and will...
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Prevent Fire & EMS burnout with 3 key tactics

Lindsey Elias | Apr 24, 2019
How to better recognize personnel burnout symptoms and proactively protect your crew against them (6 min read) Emergency responders face...
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In-Premise or Cloud Software for EMS

Corissa Bowman | Apr 19, 2019
(8 min read)  Vendors are quick to tell you that cloud-based applications that provide Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) products are faster to...
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Staying Fit for Duty in EMS

James Boomhower | Apr 17, 2019
ZOLL SUMMIT Speaker Series As a profession, we are in a crisis. A first responder commits suicide every 4 days in the United States. The...
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5 Reasons We Need to Talk about PTSD in EMS & Fire

Jim Marshall | Apr 11, 2019
A recent study by EMS1 found that provider mental health was ranked as the most significant issue facing EMS by 52-67% of respondents in...
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Behind the Scenes with Anthony Guerne

Anthony Guerne | Apr 9, 2019
ZOLL SUMMIT Speaker Series PTSD Panel Discussion - A View From Different Perspectives
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ZOLL SUMMIT Keynote Speaker Series: Behind the Scenes with Jim Marshall

Jim Marshall | Apr 4, 2019
A Trauma Therapist’s Life-Saving & Ridiculously Hopeful Perspective for EMS Pros Jim Marshall is widely regarded as the 911 industry's...
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5 Obstacles to EMS and Hospital Interoperability

Rob Humphreys | Apr 2, 2019
As we’ve discussed in earlier posts (What Does Integration into the Healthcare System Look Like for EMS?) realizing the Triple Aim goals of...
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New Rules:  How Will the New CMS/ONC Interoperability Rules Impact EMS?

There is a federal agency that promotes, monitors, and maintains the implementation of electronic health records within the US.  It is the...
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Delivering good medicine in bad places: Starting Canada’s first PHARM Service

Miles Randall | Mar 21, 2019
ZOLL SUMMIT Speaker Series She was 24-years-old, in hypothermic cardiac arrest with immediate bystander CPR. But no ambulance was coming....
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Finding the Right Revenue Cycle Management Vendor

Brittany Frater | Mar 18, 2019
Capturing, managing and collecting revenue is a fundamental aspect of being in business, even if your business is to serve the public. One...
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The Emergency Triage, Treat, and Transport Model (ET3)

CMMI’s new pilot program ushers Medicare into the 21st Century “When you only get paid if you take people to the hospital, guess what...
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Is Your Leadership Style Enhancing Team Spirit?

Dr. Susan O'Malley | Mar 12, 2019
ZOLL SUMMIT Speaker Series Anyone who has ever worked shift work knows that some shifts are better than others. Many times, the experience...
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The Key Skill Missing in EMS A-B-C Techniques

Sean E. Mahar | Mar 7, 2019
Whether you use A-B-C or C-A-B (2010 proposed AHA Guidelines for adult BLS), the outstanding technical skills of first responders (EMTs,...
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Prescription CPR

Dr. Joseph Sabato | Mar 5, 2019
ZOLL SUMMIT Speaker Series Advanced Cardiac Life Support was first published by the American Heart Association in 1974. Despite 45 years of...
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EMS and Hospital Collaboration

Joshua Ishmael | Mar 1, 2019
ZOLL SUMMIT Speaker Series   Question: As an EMS professional how would you rate the transition of care and flow of information from the...
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Resuscitate Your EMS Billing Office

Chris Davison | Feb 27, 2019
Are You Overlooking the Human Aspects of Your Billing Office? In EMS, we are all acutely aware of the compliance risks our industry faces....
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Improving Advanced Cardiac Life Support in EMS

John Michael | Feb 21, 2019
ZOLL SUMMIT Speaker Series It all starts with questioning yourself. Our first challenge: identifying what really has an impact on the care...
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Improving EMS Documentation Outcomes

Elizabeth L. Angeli | Feb 19, 2019
ZOLL SUMMIT Speaker Series Think of the phrase “EMS documentation.” What comes to mind?
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Listen to Your Heart: Improving ROSC Rates in EMS

Theo Gonzales | Feb 14, 2019
Stories of Survival, Inspiration and Innovation for Heart Month In the past year, ZOLL has hosted several “Outcomes Academy Bootcamps” to...
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A beginner’s guide to using EMS data to measure performance

Sean Kukauskas | Feb 12, 2019
ZOLL SUMMIT Speaker Series Let’s put it right out there…data is everywhere! Business and professionals across the globe have gone data...
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It’s Heart Month: Top-Level Heart Health Tips for Emergency Responders

Lindsey Elias | Feb 6, 2019
Help your heart stay in shape with these simple and proactive techniques You work in an industry where you regularly exert both your body...
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Undertaking Clinical Trials in a Pre-Hospital Setting

Gordon Nevils | Feb 4, 2019
ZOLL SUMMIT Speaker Series As a supervisor of Education, Research and Community Programs for Peel Regional Paramedic Services, I provide...
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EMS and Healthcare in 2019: A Glimpse into the Future

I hope everyone had a great holiday season and a positive start in this new year.
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New Year New CEUs: Top 5 Educational Opportunities at SUMMIT 2019

Kelli Turner | Jan 29, 2019
“Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with ardor and attended to with diligence.”  – Abigail Adams Every year when we...
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Community Paramedicine in 2019: Design, Sustainability, and the Future

Brian Randall | Jan 24, 2019
ZOLL SUMMIT Speaker Series Community Paramedicine. It is a concept/model we have been hearing about for years, and it is one of the top...
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EMS Narratives: Telling the story for others to read

Documentation It’s arguably one of the least desirable aspects of being an EMS provider (at least in the eyes of many). It’s also one of...
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Leverage the Cloud for Better EMS Data Management

Ronnie Thomson | Jan 17, 2019
Earlier this year, ZOLL hosted a webinar on Operationalizing Data. After the webinar, we asked attendees to share what, if anything, their...
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A quick guide to tracking and managing clinical data better in 2019

Earlier this year, ZOLL hosted a webinar on Operationalizing Data. After the webinar, we asked attendees to share what, if anything, their...
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Collecting, Analyzing and Implementing EMS Billing KPI Data

Renee Collier | Jan 10, 2019
Tracking Metrics in Billing Agencies Earlier this year, ZOLL hosted a webinar on Operationalizing Data. After the webinar, we asked...
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Level-up Your ePCR Data Collection and Implementation

Ben Barnett | Jan 8, 2019
Earlier this year, ZOLL hosted a webinar on Operationalizing Data. After the webinar, we asked attendees to share what, if anything, their...
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EMS Dispatch Data: Why measure it and how to do it better in 2019

(4 minute read) Earlier this year, ZOLL hosted a webinar on Operationalizing Data. After the webinar, we asked attendees to share what, if...
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2018 EMS in Review

(6 minute read) There is never a year that is more interesting than the last, at least from my perspective. Some things come to pass,...
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2018 EMS Mobile App Round-up

Kelli Turner | Dec 27, 2018
It’s that time of year again when I sleuth around the internet and comb through user-reviews to compile the most useful smartphone apps for...
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2018 EMS in Review

(6 minute read) There is never a year that is more interesting than the last, at least from my perspective. Some things come to pass,...
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Emergent Response, a Dangerous Epidemic

Bridget Yoder | Dec 13, 2018
Why Using Lights & Sirens Can Be Risky Business David McGowan, ASHM, has more than 35 years of experience in EMS serving as a clinician and...
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ZOLL SUMMIT Keynote Speaker Series: Behind the Scenes with Jan Rader

Kelli Turner | Dec 11, 2018
ZOLL SUMMIT Keynote Speaker Series: Behind the Scenes with Jan Rader “Fire chief Jan Rader has spent her career running toward fires and...
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ZOLL SUMMIT Keynote Speaker Series: Behind the Scenes with Matt Havens

Brittany Frater | Dec 6, 2018
Stop Acting Your Age! a Unique Keynote on Generational Leadership If you’ve listened to discussions about generational issues at work, then...
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HIPAA, Privacy, and You - Understanding The Protection of Patient Data

Tim Mullahy | Dec 4, 2018
Whether you’re a healthcare provider or simply work with them, you have an obligation to protect the information of your patients - and...
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5 Guidelines for Fatigue Risk Management

Bridget Yoder | Nov 29, 2018
During a recent ZOLL webinar on EMS fatigue, the audience was asked whether fatigue was a problem in their organization. An astounding 79...
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Behind the Scenes with a Beta Customer

Brittany Frater | Nov 27, 2018
CareMed gets in on the ground floor with ZOLL Billing Note: ZOLL Billing is now widely available in market. To learn more about getting...
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Why Your EMS Agency Should Be Tracking Financial & Operational Metrics

Brittany Frater | Nov 20, 2018
It’s imperative that the industry begins to collect accurate data now, as it will be used to direct future reimbursement decisions. Are you...
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Emergency Response Travel Safety

Jerome Ozog | Nov 15, 2018
Important Initiatives for Traveling Emergency Responders by Jerome Ozog, Glatfelter Program Managers & ETC Education Specialist
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The Most Important Metrics Your Agency Should Be Measuring

Brittany Frater | Nov 13, 2018
“Data is a great four-letter word, but operationalizing it or turning it into actionable intelligence is a key activity for any executive...
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Webinar Recap: RescueNet ePCR 6.5—New Features!

Bridget Yoder | Nov 8, 2018
On October 22nd ZOLL released RescueNet ePCR 6.5. With a whole myriad of exciting new features to explore, we invited ZOLL Product Owner...
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Webinar Recap: After 1 Year with Billing Pro, Payments Are Up 116%

Bridget Yoder | Nov 6, 2018
In a recent webinar Ryan Thorne, owner and CEO of Thorne Ambulance Services, discussed the success his company experienced after...
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The Challenge of Counting Costs

Brittany Frater | Nov 1, 2018
  In EMS, our reimbursement doesn’t cover our costs.
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6 Reasons You Can’t Miss SUMMIT 2019

Kelli Turner | Oct 30, 2018
ZOLL SUMMIT is ZOLL’s largest educational event of the year that brings together hundreds of EMS and fire professionals from all over the...
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