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Pulse Blog From ZOLL Data Systems

Providers Can Even the Playing Field During Open Negotiations – Here’s How
ZOLL Data Systems | Nov 28, 2023
Emergency medical service (EMS) providers are facing ongoing challenges when it comes to receiving the maximum reimbursement rate from...
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E-Care Uses Full Cloud-based EMS Solution Suite to Streamline Operations

ZOLL Data Systems | Nov 15, 2023
Based in Key Largo, Florida, E-Care Ambulance (E-Care) launched as a small, but fast-growing service offering BLS, ALS, and critical care...
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Data Interoperability Drives Better Coordination of Care in Emergent Patient Transitions

ZOLL Data Systems | Nov 13, 2023
Everything that happens in an ambulance has a huge impact on what happens to a patient in a hospital. Unfortunately, handoffs between...
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Proactive EMS-Hospital Communication Better Prepares Providers for Faster, Safer Care

ZOLL Data Systems | Nov 8, 2023
The data obtained by emergency medical technicians (EMTs) on-scene sometimes is not translated into optimal hospital care during handoffs....
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Collect More Revenue Faster: The Pivotal Role of Clear, Concise, and Complete Documentation

ZOLL Data Systems | Oct 17, 2023
Electronic patient care reports (ePCRs) should paint a vivid picture; if it is not documented, it didn’t happen! Documentation is the key...
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Gain More Confidence and a Stronger Position During Open Negotiations and IDR

ZOLL Data Systems | Oct 10, 2023
Since the No Surprises Act (NSA) has gone into effect, emergency medicine (EM) physicians and emergency medical service (EMS) air ambulance...
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News Alert: Cloud-based, Integrated CAD Solution Helps EMS Dispatchers Respond Faster and Make Data-driven Decisions

Continuing its mission to design software and data solutions that help EMS agencies improve performance from dispatch to discharge, ZOLL®...
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How One EMS Agency Cut Expenses and Improved Compliance While Spending 10% Less Time on PCRs

Monroe Ambulance’s (Monroe) providers often had challenges surrounding their patient care reports (PCRs) and wanted a morestreamlinedway to...
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How the Prior Authorization Process Tests Patients, Providers, and Profits

ZOLL Data Systems | Aug 30, 2023
The prior authorization (PA) process was created as a utilization management tool for insurance companies and patients. However, it has...
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