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ZOLLPulse Blog

Insights for Data-Driven EMS

Maggie Adams | Sep 20, 2018

The Importance of Documentation Compliance

What is the quickest way to get EMTs and paramedics to roll their eyes? Tell them how important their documentation is to reimbursement, ...

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Brian S. Werfel, Esq. | Sep 18, 2018

The 7 Deadly Sins of EMS Billing

In September 2015, the Department of Health and Human Services Office of the Inspector General (OIG) issued a report, “Inappropriate ...

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Maggie Adams | Sep 13, 2018

3 Ways to Improve Your EMS Billing Management

Today we discuss the many small steps ambulance providers can take to improve operations and get paid for transports. Actions in dispatch, ...

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Rob Humphreys | Sep 6, 2018

Operational Dashboards: Using Your EMS Data to Improve Operations

Last month, we shared six dashboards to improve clinical ...

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Maggie Adams | Sep 4, 2018

Auditing Ambulance Claims

Why, How, and When During recent client audits, we found an insurer who had underpaid two clients. Naturally, the clients ...

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Lindsay Alexander | Aug 30, 2018

Four Free eLearning Courses on Ambulance Safety

Is ambulance safety a concern or focal point in your organization? We fully support that! ZOLL is committed to improving ambulance safety ...

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Rob Humphreys | Aug 28, 2018

6 Dashboards to Help You Improve Clinical Outcomes

Organizations spend so much time and energy capturing data for tasks such as mandatory reporting and monitoring compliance; but ...

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Steve Johnson | Aug 23, 2018

Why Do Ambulance Claims Get Denied

Paint a Complete Patient Story to Eliminate Denied Claims Your crews’ patient care reports (PCRs) should ...

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