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Pulse Blog From ZOLL Data Systems

Billing Survival Strategies: Medicare Advantage and Medicaid Managed Care
ZOLL Data Systems | Jan 20, 2022
(2 min read) As the demand for Medicare Advantage and Medicaid managed care grows, so do the rules and regulations — which means more...
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Short-staffed ASCs Can Ease the Burden of Prior Authorization and Do More With Less

ZOLL Data Systems | Jan 18, 2022
(2 min read) Ambulatory Surgical Centers (ASCs) do an exceptional job of collecting patient deductibles, co-pays, and other patient...
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Are You Secure? Cyberattacks and Security Issues for EMS in 2021

The effects of a cyberattack on an EMS agency, software vendor, or third-party billing company can be devastating. In 2021, information...
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How and Why Bringing EMS Billing In-house Could Be Right for You

ZOLL Data Systems | Jan 4, 2022
If you currently outsource your billing and collections functions and are considering bringing them in-house, you’ll want to assess...
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Progressive Communications Centers Can Improve the Patient Experience and Transform Outdated EMS Economics

ZOLL Data Systems | Jan 3, 2022
(2 min read) The current emergency medical services (EMS) economic model follows a pay-per-transport system. Insurance agencies and...
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Maximize Reimbursement and Minimize Bad Debt With Deductible Monitoring Technology

(3 min read) In recent years, the healthcare industry has seen a rise in high-deductible insurance plans. In 2020 47% of covered workers...
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Using Dispatch Protocols To Avoid Revenue Loss and Compliance Risk

(4 min read) Dispatch protocols are critical for complying with Medicare rules and maximizing legitimate reimbursement from the largest...
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The Critical Role Communication Centers Play in the EMS Transformation

(9 min read) Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, a communications center worker answered an emergency call from a caller who...
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Labs of All Sizes Can Benefit From Employing Revenue-enhancing Best Practices

ZOLL Data Systems | Nov 8, 2021
(2 min read) The COVID-19 lockdown caused a rapid drop-off in routine labs and specialty testing. Even those that were processing COVID...
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